Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer:
Statement        “Do not lean out of the door of the bus.” - a warning in a school bus.
Assumptions : I. Leaning out of a running bus is dangerous.
    II. Children do not pay any heed to such warnings.

» Explain it
Leaning out of a running bus must be dangerous, otherwise the warning would not have been there. Hence I is implicit. But II is not implicit. If the authorities would have assumed that children do not pay any heed to such warning, they would not have put it up there.

Hence, option (A) is correct.
Statement       “If you are a mechanical engineer, we want you as our supervisor.” - an 
    advertisement by company X.
Assumptions : I. Mechanical engineers are expected to be better performers by company X.
    II. The company X needs supervisors.

» Explain it
I is not implicit. The company wants mechanical engineers. One reason could be that the company expects mechanical engineers to be good performers, as I suggests. But there could be another reason; for example, the company’s supervisory job could be such that only a mechanical engineer could perform it. But one thing is certain. The advertisement was for supervisors; this means supervisors are needed. Hence II is implicit.

Hence, option (B) is correct.
Statement        Be humble even after being victorious.
Assumptions : I. Many people are humble after being victorious.
    II. Generally, people are not humble.

» Explain it
The statement asks a man to be humble even after being victorious. This implies that people are usually not humble after victory. I is just the opposite of it. II is not implicit because it generalises the statement. Generally, people may be humble; the point is if they are humble or not after victory.

Hence, option (D) is correct.
Statement        A sentence in the letter to the candidates called for written examinations –
    ‘You have to bear your expenses on travel etc.’
Assumptions : I. If not clarified, all the candidates may claim reimbursement of expenses.
    II. Many organisations reimburse expenses on travel to candidates called
for written examinations.

» Explain it
If the letter mentions expenses to be borne by candidates, those who sent the letter must have assumed that the candidates may demand for reimbursement if the point is not clarified to them. Also, the candidates would not demand reimbursement if it was not a prevalent practice. So I and II both are implicit.

Hence, option (E) is correct.
Statement       One of the  opposition leaders said that the time had come for like-minded
    opposition parties to unite and dislodge the corrupt government.
Assumptions : I. Like-minded opposition parties should unite only when the have to 
    dislodge a corrupt government.
    II. Opposition parties are not corrupt.

» Explain it
To dislodge a corrupt government has been mentioned as the present purpose for the call of unity. But this does not mean that this is the only purpose. So I is not implicit. Further, the leader asks like-minded parties to unite against the government and not the entire opposition. So we cannot generalise that (all) opposition parties are non-corrupt. Hence II is not implicit.

Hence, option (D) is correct.