How to score high in Descriptive Test in SBI PO
Mains 2017 exam – SBI PO Exam Strategy by Toppers?

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Let’s start with some important facts first:

  1. I am posted at my preferred circle right now.
  2. The last year’s cutoff for SBI PO Mains 2016 for General category was 70 marks.
  3. I scored 79 marks in Mains exam, a scant ahead of the prescribed cutoff marks.

Why did I tell this to you? Did you notice my first point? Did you carve outan analogy in your mind? Think, push harder. Come on, think once again. Come on, apply some simple reasoning.

Not getting the cue? Okay, let me elaborate then. My score was not enough by any standards to fetch me my circle of preference and yet I managed to get one. How? If not in those 4 divine sections, where did things worked for me then? Yes, you guessed it right. It worked for me in the most “neglected” yet most “defining” section in SBI PO Mains exam, i.e. Descriptive Test. A score of 39 out of 50 and it placed me way ahead of my competitors. In fact, it secured a lot of things for me ahead.

Why did I bore you with all this at the outset? Why did I blabber about my own marks and where things worked for me? How did I recognize that my marks were not enough to bestow me my preference? Well, I did this because Descriptive Test these days has not been pursued with an importance and weightage that it carries in swinging the deal in your favor. It is becoming that “lower order batsmen” who comes out to bat and score a quick 30 runs, leaving opposition amused and ruffled who takes him lightly and end up on giving away the “jewel of winning” to the other side.

A lot of aspirants make this mistake of over-acknowledging their writing and typing abilities, only to make a mockery of their own hallucinations which get brushed aside within 30 minutes. And you know what; congrats you have messed up with your chances of racing ahead.  It is not that you don’t know about your own capabilities, about your own limitations. It is that you start preparing for it so late that you are already overburdened with four sections and descriptive sections gets confined to scanning formats a night before the exam.

Well, let me share some quick tips to score high in Descriptive section of SBI PO Mains 2017 exam:

All the best!!

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