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By Smartkeeda
6 Oct 2019
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In this article "CLAT Mathematics" we are going to discuss all the things which you need to know before you attempt CLAT 2024. We hope this article solves your all doubts regarding CLAT Mathematics section.
  • How to approach and ace the CLAT Mathematics section?
''Mathematics section is one of the most scoring but also one of the most feared section of the CLAT examination. The Mathematics section is not a tough section but the general phobia of the students coupled with time limit in the CLAT examination makes it look difficult. Not to mention that people from Arts and Commerce backgrounds who have not taken Maths in their higher secondary examination dread it the most. In this write-up let me share with you some of the Do’s and Don’ts along with free CLAT study material for mathematics.
  • What should be the ideal approach towards the CLAT examination and its Mathematics part?
The general approach of a student who just wishes to clear the exam is “Somehow to get an NLU”. While this approach may be good to land you in tier 2 or tier 3 NLU’s it is not sufficient enough to secure you a position in the TOP 3 NLU’s of the country. Each section and that includes Mathematics has to be attempted in the best way possible for top results. As, we already know that almost 60000 people attempted CLAT this time, be sure that atleast 1000 of them must have practiced night and day for acing CLAT Mathematics. The odds are against you if you leave mathematics section of CLAT. Do it with Full Vigour.
  • How much Preparation is required for CLAT Mathematics Section?
Well, I avoid generalizing an opinion for each and every person. The thumb rule is that if you are a science student and in regular touch with Mathematics, then this section will be easier for you. In this scenario you need at least 2 hours of regular mathematics sessions each day for full 2 months before appearing for CLAT examination. In case you are an Arts student or a commerce one, make sure that you regularly give at least 3-4 hours depending on your abilities to completely finish the CLAT Mathematics syllabus at least once. Mathematics being a practice intensive section, kindly revise the same questions for at least one time after syllabus is finished once.

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  • What is the difficulty level and syllabus for Mathematics in CLAT examination?
The difficulty level for CLAT Mathematic section is of 10thstandard level. Most questions are simple formula based and can be easily solved if they are memorized. While some questions and sections may be tough but they are not of unsolvable IIT category.
The Syllabus for CLAT Mathematics comprises of:-
  • CLAT Syllabus for Mathematics and required days to clear the examination:-
  1. Number system -  1 day
  2. Square roots, Surds and indices - 1 day
  3. H.C.F and L.C.M - 1 day
  4. Simplification - 1 day
  5. Ratio and proportions - 2 days
  6. Average - 1 day
  7. Fractions and decimals - 1 day
  8. Time and work - 2-3 days
  9. Interest - 2 days
  10. Percentage - 2 days
  11. Profit, loss and Discount - 2 days
  12. Partnership - 2 days
  13. Areas & Volumes - 2 days
  14. Permutation & Combination - 2 days
  15. Probability - 2 days
  16. Clocks & Calendars - 2 days
  17. Data Interpretation - 2 days
  • Which book is the best for doing CLAT mathematics?
Well, there are many books in the market but Rajesh Verma’s“Fast Track Objective Arithmetic” book on Mathematics is the best one because firstly it is super easy to understand and secondly it is neatly divided into 2 parts for each chapter. One part in each chapter/topic is comprised of easy questions and the second one for difficult questions. A student preparing for CLAT Mathematics has to just solve the easy questions of the topic and he will perform good in the CLAT Examination.
  • Where can I find free study material for CLAT Examination?
In Smartkeeda’s Law section we have uploaded more than 50 Free Quizzes for CLAT Mathematics section. I personally feel that if a student is able to solve even 40 of them without hiccups and with good accuracy then he can ace the CLAT Mathematics section with ease. The CLAT free study material of Mathematics uploaded at Smartkeeda is exhaustive in nature and covers almost each and every question asked in the CLAT examination. Apart from this the student can go the General Mathematics section of Smartkeeda and do as many free Quizzes as possible of the topic that he finds difficult while preparing for CLAT examination.
  • What is a good score in CLAT’s Mathematics section?
Well, in case you are aiming for a rank in the top 3 NLU’s your score must hover around 15+. This is absolutely necessary considering the fact that many students who give the examination are well versed in all the other four sections of CLAT but maths is left out. If you put your heart in the preparation for this subject than be sure that the results will be guaranteed in this examination.
  • Does Maths plays a deciding factor in this examination considering the fact that it is only 10% of the marks?
Yes, mathematics plays a crucial factor in determining our rank because CLAT ranks work like a pyramid structure. There are more number of students at the bottom pile and the competition is extremely fierce in the range of 100-400. A difference of 10 marks can land you at NLU Jodhpur instead of NLSIU Bangalore. Every mark gained in the CLAT Mathematics section over your peers will propel you towards a better rank in the CLAT examination.
Here are the important links for practice CLAT Mathematics:
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Best wishes for CLAT 2024 examination and hopefully you will ace the CLAT Mathematics section with ease. 

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