Cloze Test Sample Quiz based on new pattern for SBI PO Pre 2017 exam

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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2023

Directions: In the passage given below words are given in bold, each followed by a number given in the brackets. Every word in bold has five alternatives. Find the word which best suits the place. If the given word does not suit the blank, mark “no replacement required” as the answer.

We are now in the middle of the fiscal 2016-17. The main monsoon is also over. This is an convenient (1) time to take a look at the economy and assess where we are headed. Two important questions that spring up are: are there green shoots which show a decisive upheaval (2) of the economy, and have we laid the foundation for a faster rate of growth of the economy in the medium term?

In analysing the trends in the economy, we continue to be thrown (3) by conflicting sets of data. National income data are available only for the first quarter (April-June). These data show that GDP grew by 7.1 per cent and that value added in manufacturing grew by 9.1 per cent. However, according to the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) during this quarter, manufacturing fell by 0.6 per cent. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) now uses IIP data for measuring only a small segment (4) of manufacturing. It uses the corporate data for estimating 75 per cent of the manufacturing sector. While one cannot fault the CSO for the new methodology, it has to carefully cross check the data it relies upon. Analysts need some amount of confidence (5) from the CSO. All the same, an attempt can be made to find out whether the current year will be better than the last year by looking at the performance of different segments.

1. Convenient
A. suitable
B. available
C. appropriate
D. Inadvertent
E. No replacement required


The given word is a misfit as the article ‘an’ has to be followed by a word that starts with a vowel sound. This eliminates option A and E.

Out of the remaining choices, the most suitable word is “appropriate” which goes well with the context.
Clearly, option C is the correct answer.

2. Upheaval
A. Uproar
B. Revival
C. Reconstruction
D. Increase
E. No replacement required

The word “upheaval” which means ‘a violent or sudden change’ is not appropriate in the context.

The phrase “faster growth rate …” in the later part of the sentence validates “revival” as the best choice as the replacement of the given word.

Option B is hence the correct answer.

3. thrown
No replacement required

Here the word in the context of the passage has to be the one that should suggest ‘continual trouble or distress’ and among the choices available the word “plagued” replaces the word “thrown” best.

Option A is hence the correct answer.

4. Segment
A. area
B. target
C. need
D. fraction
E. No replacement required

The word “segment” is appropriate in the context and needs no changes.

5. Confidence
A. supportive
B. vow
C. confession
D. reassurance
E. No replacement required

The word “supportive” is not suitable here as it’s an adjective and the word for the blank has to be a noun.

Out of the rest of the choices neither “vow” nor“confession” is fitting the blank appropriately.

Clearly, the word “reassurance” is the most suitable word as the replacement for the word “confidence” in the given context.
Option D is hence the correct answer.

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