Best Test Series for IBPS PO Pre 2017 and IBPS PO Mains 2017 Exams

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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2020

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About IBPS PO Test Series & Online Free Mock Test for IBPS PO Pre exam

The full length IBPS PO test series offered by Testzone @ Smartkeeda which is India’s leading online IBPS PO Test Series & Free Online Mock Test for IBPS PO Preliminary Test Series. We at Testzone offer some important tools and features that not only help you attempt the right set of questions that can give you a huge boost in achieving marks but also take you to the final step of success – Your selection in IBPS PO 2017 exam.

The IBPS PO 2017 online test series designed by Testzone @ Smartkeeda will help you achieve your cherished dreams in many a way. Here are the core features of Testzone Test Series which make us different form the rest of the Test Series platforms as far as IBPS PO 2017 Test Series is concerned.


How Testzone is the best Test Series for IBPS PO 2017?


Smart Interface

If you have a habit of getting stuck to questions which are relatively difficult to solve and losing easy marks by wasting your time on such questions, Testzone comes for your help. Testzone Test Series Test Interface helps your brain get into practice of skipping such questions by raising an alarm the moment you cross the average user time on a particular question. Moreover, you can evaluate the difference in your scores of two tests – one taken with suggestion mode and the one without the suggestion mode. This will truly let you become aware of the right strategy and mindset during the real exam.

Real Exam Interface

Keeping the trend in mind, we have also developed the real exam like exam interface or the interface that you actually view during the real exam and it is soon going to be integrated to the existing platform.

High quality content developed by Bank PO toppers

As far as our content development part is concerned we have a team that is best in class. Maximum questions in our Test Series are developed by the working professionals from Government Banks who work with us on part-time basis and develop high quality content for us. Plus, we have a dedicated content team in place that also is highly qualified and professional in their respective field.

Every question that is picked by our team carries a detailed explanation. Specifically in Quant and Reasoning section we have provided illustrations so that you can understand the concept and logic applied. In English language section we do provide answers with references and examples so that you can understand the logic behind the explanation smoothly.

Here’s a sample view of our explanation:

Best Test Series for IBPS PO 2017

Here you can take a glimpse of the manner we explain questions.

IBPS PO 2017 Test Series based on real exam pattern

We at Testzone strictly follow the pattern of questions being asked in every test series. Besides, keeping the surprises that IBPS and SBI throw every year, we do offer Surprise Tests time to time so that users can prepare for IBPS PO 2017 exam through our Test Series for IBPS PO based on latest exam pattern.



Smart Analytics | IBPS PO 2017 Test Series

We bet you have never experienced such a detail analysis of your test performance. Under IBPS PO 2017 Test Series in Testzone you will find the following analysis points:

Your rank, percentile and percentage or marks | IBPS PO Pre Test Series

Your percentage marks in comparison to Topper’s as well your past test. Here you can compare your current score with that of the topper and your previous test performance.

Accuracy | IBPS PO Pre Test Series 2017

It is the most crucial aspect if you are preparing sincerely for bank PO exams like IBPS PO, IBPS RRB PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI PO, SBI Clerk, etc. and Testzone gives you an exact view of your accuracy level. You can even check the level of accuracy over easy, moderate and difficult questions.

Speed Analysis | IBPS PO Online Mock Test Series

Under this tab, you get to understand topper’s strategy of picking questions in four quarters of the test. You can compare your performance and strategize accordingly for the next Test. Plus, you can also compare your own performance in the speed analysis info chart comparing your current score in every quarter of time with the past test your take.

Strong vs Weak Areas | Mock Test Series for IBPS PO

Now, this is something that is of extreme importance if you are preparing for any competitive exam. This tool helps you understand your areas of strength and weakness in terms of Marks gained, Accuracy and Speed.

Moreover, we are soon going to add on a stream of innovative features that you will find really beneficial for your IBPS PO Pre and IBPS PO Mains exams.


So what are you waiting for? Create an account at Testzone now and start taking tests for IBPS PO Pre or IBPS PO Mains exams.


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