Best Test Series for IBPS PO Pre 2018 and IBPS PO Mains 2018 Exams

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By Smartkeeda
25 Nov 2020

Dear Aspirants,

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If the answer is yes, it clearly confirms that you do not settle for less and expect high quality out of a Mock Test Series for your IBPS PO 2018 preparation.

Keeping the same factors in mind Smartkeeda has designed its Test Series for IBPS PO Pre 2018 which will surely give you an extra edge as far as your preparation is concerned.

Content related features include:

1. Memory based Tests We at Testzone have tried and included at least 2 Tests which will be based on SBI PO Pre 2018 and IBPS PO Pre 2017 real exams. This way exam aspirants can practice memory based full length Tests for IBPS PO 2018 exam.

2. Surprise Tests Every year IBPS and SBI bring changes to the exam pattern making it a bit difficult for the users to score high. We in our IBPS PO 2018 Online Mocks will include at least two Surprise Tests in which new pattern questions will be asked to check your level of patience and presence of mind. It would really benefit you for unforeseen surprise elements in real exam.

3. New Pattern based Questions We at Testzone are very particular for new pattern questions and we try and include all the new pattern based questions in our IBPS PO 2018 Test Series.


Practise related Tools include:

1. Two Unique Test Interfaces At Testzone, there are two interfaces available for every exam. One is ‘Real Exam Interface’ where you will get the feeling of taking a real exam whereas the other is ‘Suggestion Mode Interface’ which is suggested for beginners. The second interface helps you get into the habit of solving questions fast and it also condition your brain to pick the easiest questions first so that you do not keep on wasting your precious time on relatively difficult questions.

2. Re-attempt Questions in Real Time This tool gives you an option to attempt the questions which you either left or attempted wrongly in your first attempt and that’s too in real time. You can check your speed as per the individual timer for particular question.

3. Re-attempt Full Length Test At Testzone, you can also attempt a Test unlimited times and can check your performance with the original attempt. This way you can check your performance improvement.

4. Re-attempt Partial Test This feature allows you to attempt only those questions which you either attempted wrongly or left un-attempted in your first attempt.


Analysis related features include:

1. All India Rank/Percentile in comparison of Topper The moment you finish the test, your IBPS PO 2018 Test rank among all Test takers with percentile gets generated and you can thus check your performance among all. Moreover, each performance area can be measured keeping topper’s performance in mind as at Testzone you will be able to view topper’s performance with every analysis tool.

2. Speed vs Topic preference Under this feature, you will be able to view your question selection strategy in four quarters of total time available in comparison of topper’s. Here, you can observe and judge what topics fetched more marks to topper than you.

3. Accuracy + Question Selection + Time Distribution Under these tabs of Analysis you will be able to check your accuracy percentage, your question selection and your time distribution strategy comparing topper’s performance parallel. Besides, you can also check your performance with your past test performance.

4. Percentile + Accuracy + Easy Question Selection Graphs These graphs give you an overview of your performance across all the Tests in one view. Here, you can judge whether you are improving or going down as far as these three criteria are concernd.

How many Tests are included in IBPS PO Pre 2018 Test Series by Testzone?

We offer 15 Full Length Tests for IBPS PO Pre 2018 exam.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a free IBPS PO Pre 2018 Mock Test now and check yourself.


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