Non-Verbal ReasoningSyllabus and Questionsfor SSC CGL 2018 2019, SSC CHSL 2018 2019 and Other SSC 2018 2019 Exams

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By Smartkeeda
25 Nov 2019

Hello Aspirants, as you all know SSC Released SSC 2018-19 Calendar and all exams dates are fixed now for SSC 2018 exam which is going to be conduct in 2019. So you have only a few months for SSC CGL and SSC CHSL preparation it means you have to focus only two things, one is where you are good at and the second one is what are the easy chapters in which you can be a master in fewer efforts. So Non-verbal reasoning is one of easiest topics for SSC CGL and SSC CHSL and other SSC Exams.

In Non-verbal reasoning questions aspirants have to identify a relationship between objects, Spotting similarities and differences between shapes and patterns, and recognizing visual sequences.

Here are some points, which we will discuss one by one:

How many Types Non-verbal reasoning is being asked in SSC CGL and CHSL, here are the types:

1. Pattern Completion:

In this exercise, you have to identify the pattern of the given figure, what kind of pattern is going on and how the given figure will complete. As you can see below in the given figure:

Question figure: Which Answer Figure will complete the pattern in the figure?

Non Verbal Reasoning Questions for SSC CGL Tier 1 2019

Options Figure:

Non Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers for SSC CGL Tier 1 2019

Answer Figure:

Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions for SSC Exams

Now you need to find which of following options figure will complete the question figure, this kind of pattern generally being asked in SSC Exams.

Here is the link of full exercise:

Pattern Completion for SSC Exams

2. Paper Folding and Cutting:

You can easily understand by the name of this exercise, there is a paper which must be folded first and then cut it. Yeah, exactly you got it right. One more thing that is part of this exercise is how would that paper appear when we unfold it after cutting. As you can see below:

Question Figure: In the question, a piece of paper is folded and cut as shown below in the questions figures. From the given option figures, which one indicates how it will appear when opened.

Non verbal reasoning quiz

Options Figure:

Non verbal reasoning pdf

Answer Figure:

Non verbal reasoning topics list

Here is the link of full exercise:

Paper Folding and Cutting for SSC Exams

3. Mirror Image Problems:

In this exercise, you need to observe the reflexion of the image in the mirror. What would be the reflexion image if the mirror is placed beside this figure or below this figure? As you can see in below example.

Question Figure:A mirror is placed on the line MN, and then which of the Answer Figures is the right image of the given Question Figure?

Mirror Image Questions for SSC CGL Tier 1

Options Figure:

Non verbal reasoning tricks

Answer Figure:

Non verbal reasoning questions and answers pdf free download

Here is the link of full exercise:

Mirror Image Problems for SSC Exams

4. Embedded Figures:

In this type of non-verbal reasoning, a unique figure given in the question is hidden or embedded in one of the four options i.e. one of the answer figures, is embedded/hidden up in the original figure. In this kind of problems, all the given options look most similar and confusing. Therefore, aspirants have to be attentive on details while solving such problems. An aspirant must find out the pattern and the arrangement of the figure and match it with the precise solution. Given below example will clear your queries regarding embedded figure.

Questions Figure:From the given options, select a figure in which the Question Figure is hidden/embedded.

Embedded Figures quiz for ssc cgl

Options Figure:

Non verbal reasoning test pdf

Answer Figure:

Non verbal reasoning questions and answers pdf

Here is the link of full exercise:

Embedded Figure Problems for SSC Exams

5. Analytical Reasoning:

In this exercise you have to count how many figures are showing in the given figure.

non verbal reasoning pdf

Options Figure:

Non verbal reasoning test pdf

Options: 5 6 8 10

Answer Figure:

Analytical reasoning quiz for ssc chsl

The simplest triangles are AJF, FBG, GCH, HDI, and IEJ

i.e. 5 in number.

The triangles composed of three components each EBH, AIC, EFC, ADG, and BJD i.e. 5 in number.

Thus, there are 5 + 5 = 10 triangles in the figure.

Hence, option 10 is correct answer.

Here is the link of full exercise:

Analytical Reasoning For SSC Exams

We hope this article could have cleared your all queries regarding Non-verbal Reasoning Questions and Syllabus of SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, and other SSC Exams.

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