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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2023

Experience shared by Vipin K. Shakya, Co-founder, Smartkeeda & Testzone.


In 2013 when Devansh and I started Smartkeeda it was just a simple ‘Questions and Answers’ kind of website but we never settled for less and kept interacting with our users and kept learning and improving as a Test Preparation platform.

Truly speaking, the word ‘Startup’ sounds a bit fascinating today because when we started, we didn’t even know what we should call our venture. We just had one purpose in our minds - to help the students excel at their exams. 

Today after 2 years which have been fraught with hard work, patience and umpteen instances of sacrifices, we have successfully brought Testzone, the Test Series platform in the Indian Test preparation domain.

How does Testzone, the Test Series platform reinvent the wheel?

As mentioned earlier, every step of ours at Smartkeeda is motivated by the feedback or suggestions we receive from our users and every feature that you find in Testzone is an outcome of those. So what makes Testzone different from other existing players?

Testzone Test Series is actually a combination of a number of key features which are based on the pain-points the students have been facing for long and the presence of these features actually helps a student prepare smarter and score higher than his or her peers.

Pain Point # 1

Every exam has its own pattern but a lot of students start their preparation before even trying to understand what syllabus they actually need to follow for a particular exam.

How Testzone Test Series helps?

In a particular exam section , under the ‘Topic Analysis’ tab you get a graphical representation of weight-age and trending of respective sub-categories and then a tabular representation of the weight-age and trending of all the chapters which fall under this particular section.

This feature mainly helps you understand what sections and topics need to be focused more than the rest, as far as a specific exam is concerned.

Pain Point # 2

While taking an exam, students in general do not know when to skip a particular question.

In every exam and specifically in exams like IBPS PO, SBI PO, IBPS Clerk Pre and Mains, SBI Clerk Pre and Mains, IBPS RRB, SBI SO, IBPS SO, MAT and CAT it is extremely important for a candidate to pick the easiest questions first so that one should be able to achieve the maximum score overall, but even a lot of bright students fail to do so. The reason? They get stuck to the questions whichever pop up on their computer screen during a test and never get able to develop the habit of skipping relatively difficult questions and thus hampers one’s chances of solving the easy-pickings which could help a student gain the required marks easily.

How Testzone Test Series helps?

At Testzone we at present offer two variants of Test Interface – The first opens in normal mode and the second in ‘suggestion mode’. The second one is a saviour for the students who have been suffering from the disease - 'don't know when to skip a question'.

On this interface, every single question carries the time taken by the topper to solve the question correctly and an average user time that tells how many seconds on an average all the users have taken to solve the question correctly. Once you go beyond the average user time, you are alarmed to skip the question. This feature actually helps your brain get conditioned into keeping the average question time in mind while taking an exam next. Secondly, this interface also lets you sort the easy questions at one place.

By making use of this feature students can compare the score difference between two tests – the Test taken in normal mode and the one taken in the suggestion mode. They can try and observe what happens when they already know what type of questions they actually need to pick during the exam. We’re sure that with a little practice on this interface they’d be able to start picking the ‘sitters’ before the actual exam and once they are able to evolve this behaviour, they can always score well in the normal or real mode.

Pain Point # 3

At times, students fail to attempt a number of questions which seem difficult to them but are actually easy, if solved applying a better approach.

How Testzone Test Series helps?

We at Testzone give a lot of importance to the ‘explanation part’. Every single explanation is viewed keeping a student’s perspective in mind and we try and include all the key approaches/steps necessary to solve a particular question with ease.

Pain Point # 4

Students either do not have access to the information that is crucial to them or fails to realize the importance of ‘After Test Analysis’.

If you too have this habit of taking a test - 'viewing your score and getting ready to attempt the next one without even giving a thought to your exam strategy, your strong or weak areas or without even analysing what went wrong', we're afraid you’ll achieve the same results every single time. Ideally one should take a gap of at least 2 days to review the past test score, time you spent section-wise, the questions which were easy but you were not able to solve them in time, then the questions which were relatively difficult but you somehow got stuck to them or could not move on. When you are aware of all these aspects and improve upon your past mistakes, then only you should go for attempting the next test.

How Testzone Test Series helps?

At Testzone, the moment a user takes a test, the page redirects to ‘Smart After Test Analytics’ section where a student gets to know his or her performance over a number of key parameters such as Percentile, Accuracy, Speed, Question preference and Time distribution. While analysing the performance a user can compare it with topper's or that of his or her previous test under every parameter tab.

Under "Strong vs Weak Areas" tab a student can view his or her performance chapter-wise. Making use of this tab, students can work upon the topics they are weak in and can sharpen the ones they are good at.

Moreover, the tab "My Performance Graph" helps a user get to know his or her performance over a number of tests. This is extremely helpful for one to understand one's level of consistency across different parameters over a number of tests.

Having said that I would like to add that the biggest difference between Testzone and other existing platforms has been our passion to build something that can actually help an exam aspirant in its true spirit.

So, if you are preparing for any of the major government job exams like SBI PO Pre, SBI PO Mains, IBPS Clerk Pre, IBPS Clerk Mains, IBPS PO Pre, IBPS PO Mains, SBI Clerk Pre, SBI Clerk Main, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1, RBI Assistant Pre, RBI Assistant Main and other important exams like UPSC CDSE, Railways, LIC AAO, LIC AO, etc Testzone is the best test series website for you to practice, validate your performance and score higher with each test.

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