NCS or SSC who is going to conduct CGL in 2017?

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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2023

Are you too among the ones who have been patiently waiting for a confirmation on "When SSC CGL 2017 notification is going to be released?" Then, we are sorry you might have to keep waiting because SSC might not conduct CGL exam this year onwards.

You must be. But, do not be worried as Government of India 'may' soon bring a "One Exam for All Posts" kind of concept through National Career Service.

What is NCS or National Career Service?

NCS is currently a National ICT based portal, developed primarily to connect the opportunities with the aspirations of youth. This portal facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc.

However, with the website of NCS it can't be inferred that it is an exam conducting body of a level of SSC or IBPS. Let's keep our fingers crossed on this.

Is the news regarding SSC CGL going to be NCS from 2017 true?

Though, it's hasn't been verifed yet but we can't upfront shun it as a rumour. What makes us believe in it -

  • Recently official website has started showing logo of NCS portal on its notification page. (However, it nowhere confirms that CGL will not be conducted from 2017).
  • A copy of a formal proposal to conduct one common entrance exam for all the government jobs is in circulation. Though it's a proposal yet the points raised in it are valid and might be thought upon by the government on a serious note.
  • A piece of article published on 30th March, 2017 in some Newspaper in Allahabad city of UP which states the same points raised in the proposal letter mentioned above but in Hindi.

Conclusion: Nobody at present can say what's true and what's just a rumour.

The possible reasons to assign NCS to conduct "One exam for all Government Jobs"

Two major reasons that might have led the government take the step to assign National Career Service to hold a common written exam for all the Non-Gazetted Posts (Group B) could be:

1. Filling out forms for various exams conducted by SSC, UPSC and other exam conducting bodies is a costly affair for many a student and with NCS conducting a single exam for all posts, would really benefit all the exam aspirants in the long run.

2. Every now and then we hear news about cheating in exams, fake selections, selections through back stairs influence or other abnormalities that exist in the system. NCS may be a solution to all these diseases.

Will the NCS exam 2017 be in online mode?

There is a strong possbility of that because SSC has already conducted 2016 CGL examination in online mode and if NCS is given the responsibility of conducting One exam for different posts with a view to getting it done in a fair and transparent manner, an online exam is a must.

What will be the pattern of NCS exam 2017?

If the proposal is agreed upon and implemented, the NCS will conduct exams for three different levels -

  • NCS Graduate Level Exam
  • NCS 10+2 Level Exam and
  • NCS Matriculation Level Exam

As you can see and observe with the names the pattern of exams will be as per their levels.

It is also to be noted here that NCS would conduct the Written test (Tier-1) through Computer Based Mode for these exam. Thereafter, it would issue the Scorecards, that would be made available for Students and the Recruitment Agencies Like SSC, RRB.

The Scorecards issued by NCS would be valid for 1 years from the Date of declaration of results.

Thereafter, candidates, can apply for Tier-2 Exams to be conducted by Recruitment agencies like SSC, RRB etc.
Final Selection would be done the basis of Merit in the Tier-2 Examination only.


How should I prepare for NCS 2017 exam now when I am absolutely unsure of the exam, the pattern of questions, syllabus, etc?

We at Smartkeeda always stress upon the fact that when a change occurs, it occurs for everyone and the ones who are the smartest sail through the storm.

We would therefore advise you to keep preparing for the chapters or topics you need to, no matter which government body is going to conduct this prestigous exam. Keep the point in mind that the pattern of the questions is more or less has to be the same. So instead of wasting your time thinking of what's going to happen next, keep your focus on preparation part. Only that can help you in the long run.

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