Get to Know the Tips and Tricks “How to Score High Marks in CUET” (Central Universities Common Entrance Test) with Speed and Accuracy by Just Following 5 Easy Points.

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By Smartkeeda
28 Feb 2022
Hi Aspirants!
CUET 2022 is around the corner, so it is very obvious to have nervousness and excitement together. In this article, SmartKeeda is going to tell you about 5 Tips while giving the online exam of CUET. 
Any online exam has certain characteristics like MCQs tackling, Time management, Speed, Accuracy, Question picking. Once you understand this you will be able to maximise your score and get a good percentile /rank.
Five Tips to Remember
  • Tackling MCQs in a Right Way
  • Time Management
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Question Picking

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So now let’s take each and every point one by one and understand it.

1. Tackling MCQs in a Right Way

As you guys are not much aware of "How to Tackle with MCQs" becuase till now most of the students are in habit of writing long answers and they are having limited exposure to Multiple Choice Questions. But the CUET 2022 is going to be MCQ based where first, a student has to read questions along with 4 choices and then select the right answer.

This may sound very easy but it is not that easy because sometimes options are really closed.

Here is an example of close options:

Question: The first Lok Sabha was constituted on:

(A.) 12th April 1952
(B.) 15th April 1952
(C.) 17th April 1952
(D.) 21st April 1953
As you can see in this question all options are very close, you need to know the exact date of the first Lok Sabha constitution.

Here SmartKeeda is not freighting you but making you familiar with the pattern of the exam and you will also get to know the new kind of method or techiniques like there is a method called "Elimination Technique" to choose the right answer very rapidly.  But most of the students are not aware of it.

So, while following the best mocktest platform you will be making yourself more comfortable with MCQs,  take as many mocks as you can, even you can also use NCERTs MCQs given at the end of the chapters. Can also purchase questions bank of MCQs all these things will make your mind familiar with the MCQs pattern.

2. Time Management

Aspirants have to attempt 100 questions (25 Aptitude + 75 Domain Knowledge) in 3 hours so the student has just 1.8 minute per Question, in this 1.8 min student has to read…

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