An Interview with Mr. Ankush Thakur | UGC NET LAW 2019

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By Smartkeeda
22 Sep 2019
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(Interviewed by Mr. Rohit Sharma, National Legal Head, Smartkeeda)
1.     Firstly, kudos for your achievement from our team Mr. Ankush Thakur. Kindly accept our heartiest congratulations on clearing UGC NET LAW. Will you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Thank you. I am Ankush Thakur. I have graduated from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala. There after I completed my masters from Punjab University, Chandigarh. This was my first attempt to UGC NET LAW and in it I scored 188 marks. Hence, I cleared UGC NET and missed out JRF by two questions.  
2.     What galvanized you to choose LLM as a career option and after that clearing UGC Net (LAW) and going for JRF?

The sole intention for pursuing LLM was to head for teaching as a profession. I love teaching & Indian Legal education has the basic criteria that a person who wishes to apply for the post of Assistant professor must have cleared UGC NET LAW. I pursued my LLM and also gave adequate time and effort towards my UGC NET LAW preparation. All of the rest (Books. Efforts, strategy, UGC NET LAW TEST seriesetc) were the chains that joined together afterwards to reach this goal.
3.     What role did Five year course at National Law University, Patiala as well as LLM at Punjab University play in nurturing your zeal to go for UGC NET LAW?

The role of RGNUL was tremendous and instrumental for it was the institute that laid strong foundation for my career. It introduced me to the wide arena of law from basics to the different perspectives regarding pertinent issues, followed by my nourishing experiences at PU. Herein, the subjects under my study were really new and apt as per the need of the hour. My stream was Law, Science and Technology which being new and modern were really helpful. It covered under its ambit laws like cyber law, basically science and technology blended with law.
Primarily I would say that in NET there are ten units having 100 Sub-divisions. Most of the subjects in UGC NET are there in the LLB program itself. I had the foundation from graduation days and on which I kept on building.
4.     Refraction and failures being indispensable in the way towards success, can you please share with the aspiring candidates what were your strategies to concentrate even in hard times?

First and foremost thing is that we need to understand the nature of the examination. Every examination has its own peculiar demand that ought to be fulfilled. UGC NET LAW has that level of demands wherein we cannot claim that it is an easy paper or a highly difficult paper, rather a good amalgamation of both. The level of question asked is good and it is not a paper that can be taken lightly.

Most important mantra is to be very clear with the basics. The bare acts should be completely covered and there are also some subjects in UGC NET for which you need to consult books; for example, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and International Law. Also, if the candidate has sufficient amount of time, then, consulting books for every topic can prove to be very beneficial. As these days the trend is that the questions that are asked are not solely based on the bare acts rather they are based on problems. At times, more than 25% questions are based on case laws.
5.     What was your strategy for UGC NET Paper 01?

My strategy was very simple and straight that after going through all the basic chapters and topics, practice as much as possible. UGC NET Law Paper 1 is more or less an aptitude test and hence the more you practice, the more finesse you get and eventually you score more.
6.     As you know revision is the main factor for success in UGC NET LAW exam and candidates usually wake up one or two months before the exam for preparation, what was your Preparation/revision strategy for Part 02?

Firstly, I will say that most of the people who start late struggle to clear UGC NET (LAW)in the end and they almost never clear JRF LAW. Secondly, the new syllabus of UGC NET (LAW) is very expansive. It has increased quite a degree from previous defined syllabus for UGC NET LAW. For example, Contract law 1 used to be there but now, we have both Contract 01 and 02. Earlier, there was only Family law without succession but now we have it with succession and inheritance as well. Even though it might seem that the syllabus is more or less the same but the ingredients of each head has increased substantially.

Moreover, a very good command over the subject is required along with practice of Multiple choice questions i.e. MCQs and the latter is very instrumental. Also, covering the entire syllabus is very important. If you just try to obtain mastery over one part, it will not pay you off well. If you want to get really good marks and a higher rank, it is prominent that you complete the entire syllabus and try not restricting yourself.

Solving past years’ papers is of prime importance as they give insight into the nature of the questions and the exam. But along with this, one must solve any mock series, guide, etc. Smartkeeda's UGC NET Law Test Series will prove to be handy one and you can go through the Free Mock tests.

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7.     During the preparation phase, a candidate might fall into self-doubt. What are your views in fighting these negative emotions?

I think more than relying on the rumour, you must yourself analyze the syllabus and then read and analyze the past years’ question papers and then draw your own conclusion regarding the nature of the examination. It is not a very difficult exam and I see no reason for a candidate falling into a self-doubt zone area. If tired or saturated with UGC NET LAW preparation take a couple of days off. Start your hard work again and hit UGC NET LAW  with full force as that is the only way.
8.     During the time duration between clearing UGC NET LAW and JRF, a candidate might get anxious. What will you suggest is better- clearing both UGC NET and JRF in one go or planning to ace them one after the other?

Both UGC NET law and JRF are part of the same examination. It is just that if you are among the best, you clear JRF as well. I believe one must always aim for JRF as that is a feather added to your cap. Then UGC NET LAW seems simple and one gains more confidence as preparation keeps on moving.
9.     There might come a situation when a candidate might get entangled and struck in one particular subject, there being around 10 subjects and also not proficient in that subject. What do you think is the way to come out of this situation?

Generally, there are 10-12 points in every unit and so in that condition, I would suggest that after doing the bare minimum of that subject, start practicing the questions as much as you can. There is a concept called reverse learning concept wherein you start learning from practicing, like by doing MCQs. It is not like you do rote learning but first facing a problem and then learning a concept by understanding the loop holes of your knowledge, by looking at the textbook, makes you grasp it better in such a situation.
10.  You have really achieved your primary target but your long term target is yet far. What is it that you are looking forward now?

My only ideal in life is to serve the people in the best possible way I can. Even by howsoever small way I can. In general, I aim to be of some use and interest to the masses, to the country and to the world.
11.  Sir, any final words for a candidate who is still wondering,“How to clear UGC NET LAW”?
Be focused and kindly keep the revision material limited. I think timely completion of syllabus with one or two revisions will ease of the mental pressure which generally coagulates ahead of any examination. Discipline and Focus is the key.
12.  Lastly, our team wishes you a very successful career in life ahead. We would like to know what are your reviews on the Smartkeeda initiative on UGC NET LAW TEST SERIES. Kindly guide the students regarding the same.

Firstly, I have been promisingly helped by Smartkeeda group in paper 01. The site has a great repository of aptitude questions. Secondly, the most important thing that I felt is that it is really affordable. Also, the quality of questions is remarkable which makes the actual UGC NET exam a cakewalk for the candidate.
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