What are the hacks for cracking the SBI PO?

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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2023

Experience shared by Ankit Vani, SBI PO 201

I Studied 4 hours a day for 3 months along with a 10 hour job which consumed a lot of my energy and made it into the blue corridors of this banking behemoth. Here are my cents for cracking this examination:

  • Avoid static GK completely. Learn the concept of opportunity cost and you will get a lot of clarity behind this hack of mine.
  • Quantitative Aptitude section is majorly about Data Interpretation cases. Become quick in simple calculations and it will save you a lot of time in the main examination.
  • Learn tables, square roots and cube roots. For bigger numbers, learn the tricks from YouTube to calculate it real fast. Remember, a second saved is a second earned.
  • For every subject, focus more on quality rather than quantity.
  • Revise GK Capsules for last three months after prelims results are out. Don’t just cram the bullets, dig deep into them and go through every point again and again.
  • Clarity of mind is extremely essential during the exam. I was clear about focusing on accuracy and thought about nothing else during the mains exam.
  • Give a lot of mocks. And give them as if you are appearing in the real examination. It will eliminate a lot of problems that you might face on D-day.
  • Solve a lot of time bound quizzes. It will keep a good check on your speed and accuracy.
  • Play it smart. You can not master every topic in the syllabus.
  • During preparation, don’t think about how much others are studying. Their preparation is beyond your control.
  • Don’t waste time picking up a grammar book and cramming all the rules. Rather give time to reading, consume a lot of articles daily and it will have compounding effects over a period of time.
  • Read a lot of banking awareness and get into minute details of every topic.
  • Do not reveal about your preparation to anybody, most importantly, relatives. This way you will be away from all the negativity and bullshit failure stories that they preach.

Remember, the battle rests inside the mind. Condition it for success and things will work out your way.

All the best.

Smartkeeda (author)

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