What to prepare in 15 days before the SBI PO 2017 Exam?

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By Smartkeeda
24 Nov 2023

Strive to develop the most important skills of taking a Test

Pick the easiest questions first among all.

Insight: Almost 88% exam aspirants start solving the question that comes on their computer screen instead of going for the easy pickings. It’s exactly like acting a Shahid Afridi, trying to hit every single ball out of the ground. Whereas batsman like Sachin and Rahul always play a ball on its merit and wait for the loose deliveries by the opponent bowler.

How it helps?

It would help you score the maximum in the least possible time.

Skip the questions you are not able to solve in a reasonable time limit.

Insight: Almost 74% students waste 32% of their time on unanswered or incorrect questions. It is simply because they make it a matter of ego if they are not able to solve a particular question and get stuck to it, wasting their precious time and gaining negative marks which takes them to abyss.

How it helps?

In exams like Bank PO your accuracy carries high weight-age. If you are able to keep it high by skipping a question you are not able to solve, you can save your 0.25 mark as well and which could be crucial keeping the Cut off thing in mind.

As I always affirm, “Cracking a competitive exam is more about strategy and smart work than sheer hard work.” I hope you are able to read between the lines.

All the best!

Smartkeeda (author)

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