100 Important Fill in the Blank Questions PDF for Bank PO and Bank Clerk Exams 2024

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As many important competitive exams are approaching (specially banking exams like IBPS PO 2024, IBPS Clerk 2024, IBPS SO 2024, SBI PO 2024) you must give head-start to your preparation by preparing yourself in the best possible manner.
Now, whenever it comes to Bank PO Exams, specifically IBPS PO Pre or SBI PO Pre it is the English Section (English Language Section) that makes the difference. And among various topics of English Section, Fill in the Blanks is one such important topic that offers all the aspirants an opportunity to gain full marks if one is good at it. The topic Fill in the Blanks is important not only for Bank PO Exams but also for any other competitive exams like SSC CGL, MAT, CLAT, etc.
In a general question of Fill in the Blanks, a set is given and a set of words are omitted or left as blanks and five options or we should say ‘words’ are given for each blank. We are required to choose correct options (correct set of words that fill in the blanks in the sentence) to gain the marks meant for the right answer.

Download PDF Double Fillers Questions for IBPS PO 2024 and IBPS Clerk 2024

No. of Questions: 100
Last updated on: 02/21/2024 17:51:27
How to gain command over Fill in the Blanks Questions?

1. Read a lot.

Reading helps a lot if you are preparing for any competitive exam. It enhances your vocabulary knowledge and thus helps you pick the correct set of words in the right context of the sentence. Do read comics, magazines, novels, newspaper articles, blogs, etc and feel the change in your performance.

2. Practise a lot.

As they say ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, the quote is 100% true in its widest sense as without right practice you can’t achieve the skills required to become better at the topic ‘Fill in the blanks’.

3. Stay updated.

Every day, new words/idioms are used in newspaper articles or magazines and as we know that the sentences which appear as questions in our exams are directly taken from these news articles only. If we keep ourselves abreast by reading the articles in trend, we always have an upper hand to experience the same set of sentences in our exam. This can surely enhance our chances of marking an option correctly manifold.

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