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clat 2020 new pattern and syllabus in detail

The CLAT consortium of NLU’S in its meeting has decided to drastically change the pattern for CLAT 2020 examination. The syllabus change in CLAT will not only be in terms of number of Questions but also in the pattern/type of the Questions asked by the CLAT Examination conducting body. The CLAT syllabus change is important because as the CLAT examination is on 10th May 2020, any change in the pattern of the examination fundamentally changes the dynamics of the examination preparation. Smartkeeda CLAT preparation team has defined the new changes and their impact for students:-

Changes in the CLAT syllabus for CLAT 2020:

  1. Questions to be reduced from 200 to 120-150. (Reason cited for change is excessive stress on students to solve these questions.
  2. Comprehension based Questions to be asked from Logical, English, Quantitative, Deductive Reasoning and Current affairs section. (Legal Reasoning section dropped from the circular).
  3. New section of Deductive Reasoning added most probably in place of Legal Reasoning.

What has not changed?

CLAT examination syllabus change has not affected the interface on how students will give examination. The paper will remain offline with no change in time limits that remains at 2 hours.
How it affects the preparation for CLAT examination.

  1. Legal Reasoning and current affairs section were the two most scoring sections in the CLAT examination. With a “possible” elimination of Legal Reasoning section, the focus now shifts on other sections like Logical and English which the students have practiced.
  2. Deductive Reasoning will be asked extensively in the examination. For novices

An example of an argument using deductive reasoning is as follows:

                   All men are mortal. (First premise)
                  Socrates is a man. (Second premise)
                  Therefore, Socrates is mortal. (Conclusion)

     3. With the number of Questions coming down by almost 40% i.e. from 200 to 120-150 questions,  the CLAT syllabus change has now shifted the examination more towards thinking and applying your brains in 2 hours time rather than focusing on Speed + Accuracy ratio.

      4. The Quality (standard of difficulty) of the Questions may go up as the Questions will logic and application based.

      5. The CLAT examination will not retain its “easy” examination tag. Till now remembering Static Gk plus Current Gk and going through Legal Principles was the easiest way out to be a national topper. The CLAT syllabus change changes the dynamics in favour of a student with a better cognitive and application based thinking mindset.

Check this article for a Free PDF link for Mock test based on New CLAT pattern in PDF format on 24th November 2019 at Noon.

This article will be updated by the Smartkeeda team after the detailed CLAT notification 2020 comes out in the last month of December 2019.

Team Smartkeeda

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