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Caselet Data Interpretation is an important part in all bank exams. Here we at we will learn a New Pattern Based DI, Which is Called Caselet DI, These days Caselet DI freequenty asked in all major Bank exams IBPS PO Pre, IBPS Clerk. It has a lot chance to appear in IBPS PO 2024 and IBPS Clerk 2024.


We provide you data interpretation quiz with answers and explanation.

Aspirants preparing for IBPS PO exams for the year 2024 can practice these questions. Let us now understand, what exactly is a Caselet DI. Data interpretation normally consists of questions involving pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, radar graphs pr table with the required information for solving the questions. In a paragraph type data interpretation question, a set of information is provided in a paragraph form. It doesn’t consist of any charts or tables. You have to read the given information carefully and draw a suitable table/chart listing out all the given data to answer the questions.

So, First of all, whenever exams authorities come up with new kind of questions, students raise one query, "How to Solve New Pattern Based Caselet Data Interpretation". So first we discuss
How to solve caselets/paragraph/Info Chart data interpretation questions?

Given Below steps will help you all while solving questions of Caselet or paragraph based Data Interpretation questions in IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk Exams. Data Interpretation for IBPS PO Pre, IBPS Clerk 2024 with PDF.

Caselet DI is frequently being asked these days and so we must practice this in the form of quizzes as Smartkeeda Caselet Data Interpretation Quiz for Free of Cost. So, Caselet DI is not new or not even out of way. It is just a mathematical form of English Passage. In Caselet DI, a long paragraph is given and on the basis of that. Candidates can download data interpretation quiz with solutions for banking and other competitive examination.

In the above paragraph of "Caselet DI", lots of information is given. You have to read the paragraph carefully and then you have to note down all the key information as short as possible. The given information will let you draw some diagrams such as Venn diagram, tabular chart or any other diagram.

The difference between simple DI and Caselet DI is - In simple DI, information is already given in diagrammatical forms but in Caselet DI, you have to draw a diagram on the basis of given information

Before start solving Caselet DI for IBPS PO, you must have knowledge of the following 7 key things:

1. How to draw a diagram on the basis of given information.

2. Which diagram is the need for the question?

3. Knowledge of Venn diagram.

4. Knowledge of the relationship between fractions and their percentage forms.

5. Knowledge of simplification and approximation.

6. If the question belongs to CI & SI or Profit & Loss or Speed, time and distance then you must have knowledge of basic formulae of these topics.

7. Must have knowledge of Ratio and Proportion.

Download Caselet DI PDF with Solution for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk at Smartkeeda

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Last updated on: 02/21/2024 13:58:10
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So, in the above information chart or Caselet DI or Passage Chart, you will see all the rules are following properly. While attempting Caselet DI you can even save your time in exam only one condition if you do practice a lot which trough you can create Image or differentiate the data and After that, you can answer easily.'

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