250 Important Puzzle Test Questions for Bank Exams

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If your answer is positive, you have landed on the right page. On this page you will be getting the link to Download 10 Most Important Reasoning Puzzles PDF for India’s most desired Bank PO Exam – BANK PO 2024.
Reasoning Puzzle- The puzzle is one such topic that a student cannot miss at any cost as this topic carries the majority of the marks in the Reasoning section in competitive exams. Approximately 60-65% in the Reasoning section is dominated by the puzzles. Hence, a serious student cannot afford to miss this topic.

Puzzles are usually based on seating arrangement (Circular, Linear, Square, Triangular) and on certain logic ( Floor Based, Month based, Year based and more ) and students are supposed to find the logic and solve the questions.
As major Bank PO Exams like SBI PO Mains 2024, IBPS PO Mains 2024 are approaching; you have to be prepared for this very important section called – Reasoning Aptitude. In this section, almost 80-90% weight-age lies upon two chapters – Seating Arrangement and Puzzle Test.
We, at Smartkeeda, regularly update our website with fresh and new pattern floor based Reasoning Puzzles. Each Reasoning Puzzle Test is provided with detailed explanation and illustrations to that every single student who happens to attempt the Reasoning Puzzle gets able to understand how a particular puzzle is solved.
Hence, if you wish to ace up your preparation you have only one option that is to practice more and more puzzle questions. Here we are providing you this PDF of 10 set of different puzzles which will help you in clearing your exam.
Download this 50 Questions PDF here.

Download Puzzle Problems PDF with Short Tricks and Solved Answers for Bank Exams

No. of Questions: 250
Last updated on: 02/21/2024 17:20:24
To score maximum in Reasoning Aptitude section of SBI PO Mains 2023 exam, we suggest you to practice as much as you can either online and offline mode.
During your preparation phase while solving Reasoning Puzzle Sets given in PDF, kindly do not jump to view the answers/explanation if you are not able to solve a particular Reasoning Puzzle in certain time limit in your first attempt. Give one or two more try to connect the links or find the hints that you are able to pick before you finally view the explanation part. This way you will be able to sharpen your brain and will learn how to connect links while solving Reasoning Puzzles.

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