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Sentence Connectors or Connect the Sentences is very important topic of new pattern English language questions that are being asked in IBPS Bank exams currently. These connectors in English or Sentence Connectors are most likely to come in SBI PO and other Bank exams like IBPS PO Mains, RRB Scale 1 Mains, BOB PO, Syndicate Bank PO, etc. Here's one Sentence Connectors Quiz based on new pattern for you to practise. Go through all the questions and attempt the ones that you are confident of answering correctly.

Direction: In the questions given below, three or four sentences are given. Select the answer choice that provides the grammatically correct way of combining all the sentences into a single one. The combined sentence should imply the same meaning as expressed in the statement:
» Explain it
Option B uses the word since to link capitve and commercial mining while option C uses because . Both these words change the meaning of the sentence and imply a cause and effect relationship between captive and coal mining which is nowhere mentioned in the original statements. Hence, Options B and C are incorrect.

Option D is the opposite of the original statements and false.

Option A is the most suitable one out of all.

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Option A: There are two errors here- use of the article 'A' with Executive.  'A' is an indefinite article and is used to refer to a non-specific or non-particular member of the group while the Executive is a specifc entity. the correct article would be 'the'. The other is the incorrect phrase 'along side' which should have been 'along with'.
Option C portrays a cause and effect relationhip between privacy breach being authorized by the courts and the agency being held accountable by the Executive and Parliament and is false.
Option D: The adverb 'Nonetheless' means despite something. This makes the sentence seem out of context as the original sentence does not mention any contradictory statement despite which privacy breach cases should be authorised by the courts. Also, the adverb 'thereafter', meaning after that is also incorrectly used and out of context.
Option B is correct.

There need to be adequate medical records; Other relevant sources include data from smart watches; With enough of these medical records and data, latest machine learning algorithms can monitor and forecast the health of an individual; these actions will lead to lower premiums and better health for the individual.
» Explain it
Option A is incorrect due to wrong usage of 'that' in the first line. This, that, these and those are demonstratives. We use them to point to people and things. While This and that are singular, these and those are plural. So the correct demonstrative with data (plural) should be those.

Option C is false as the fragment '..with the result of these actions to translate to...' is absurd and meaningless

Option D suffers has three issues- firstly,  the fragment'..With much more medical records,..' is wrong as much more gives an impression of being compared with something else which is not the case here. Secondly, the fragment '..can be quantified by smart watches..' is wrong as smart watches are used to measure data and not quanitified. Lastly, the fragment '..the action that these result would translate..' is meaningful.

Option B is correct.

Essentially RBI is a full service central bank which is different from central banks in advanced economies; this was stated by former governor Duvvuri Subbarao in reference to RBI playing many roles from the monetary authority, regulator of the banking, non-banking systems and payment and settlement systems among others; The RBI has enormous presence in public policy space and needs to be transparent; RBI should also communicate the rationale of its policy measures in a credible manner.
» Explain it
Statement A is contextually wrong – ‘..Despite RBI's enormous presence in public policy space, as stated by former Governor Duvvuri Subbarao, it needs to be transparent..’.

Statement C too interprets the original sentence incorrectly – ‘..RBI should have an enormous presence in public policy space and to do that it needs to be transparent and communicate policy rationale in a credible manner..’.

Statement C – ‘..RBI is alike central banks in advanced economies..’ is incorrect.

Statement B is correct and states everything right grammatically as well as contextually.

Hence, option B is the correct answer.

Capital was made available at extremely low, near-zero interest rates; This policy clearly ignored the lessons from the run-up to the 2008 crisis; the crisis was the culmination of a trajectory of growth in which debt-financed private investment and consumption provided the demand-side stimulus for growth; As a result, private sector balance sheets were overburdened with debt that firms and households found difficult to service in the midst of a recession
» Explain it
Statement B is sequenced incorrectly  – ‘..consumption provided the demand-side stimulus for growth and as a result, private sector balance sheets were overburdened..’.

Statement C is grammatically incorrect– ‘ which debt-financed private investment and consumption provides the demand-side stimulus..’.

Statement D is illogical.

Statement A is correct and states everything right grammatically as well as contextually.

Hence, option A is the correct answer.


Sentence connectors questions are based on multiple statements which need to be combined together in order to form a logical single answer.

Sentence connectors are used to provide coherence fo a statement or paragraphs.

What is required to be kept in minds is that we need to know the correct set of words to begin with.

The Sentence connector questions may look difficult at first, however, after regular practice, you can score good marks in this section.

Smartkeeda brings you daily Sentence connector practice questions. These questions are based on the latest exam pattern to help you score good marks overall.

Practice daily sentence connectors quiz on Smartkeeda to ensure good marks in the English section and thus improve your final score.

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