New Pattern Sentence Correction Test Quiz No 17 for SBI Clerk Pre 2018

Directions: Which of the following phrases (I), (II) or (III) given below the statement should replace the phrase in bold to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct? If the sentence is correct in its original form, mark (E) ‘No correction required’ as the answer.
While the Indian university system has not been immune to government interference, never in the past has it encountered the sorting of kind attack it is facing today.

I. type of resentful attack it metes out today.
II. kind of relentless attack it is facing today.
III. praise of attacks it faces today.
» Explain it
The original statement is incorrect as it does not sound meaningful.

Statement I is incorrect as it implies that the university system itself is attacking the government which is not true.

Statement III is incorrect as it seems to imply that the attacks are something to praise about which is absurd.

Statement II is correct grammatically and contextually.

Hence, option A is correct.
The recent announcement of the human resource development minister of implementing “graded autonomy” is a merely pretend to withdrawing public funding from the higher education sector.

I. a mere euphemism for withdrawing public funding from
II. Simply another way of stating it would be reducing the public funding given to
III. another pretext of withdrawing public funding to
» Explain it
The original statement is absurd and meaningless.

Statements I and II are correct and convey that the recent announcement is merely a flowery statement which essentially states that public funding would be reduced/withdrawn from universities.

Statement III is incorrect as the funding is being withdrawn from and not to.

Hence, option C is correct.
Progressive judicial activism articulated through the intervention of normative judgments should become the collective expression of society.

I. Progressive judicial activism articulated from the
II. Progressive judicial activism articulated be a
III. Progressive judicial activism articulated with their
» Explain it
The original statement is correct and does not need any correction.

Hence, option E is correct.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister called for an India free of tuberculosis by 2025, even as the union health ministry released a survey report that shows that it soothing disease is prevailing.

I. portrays this invigorating disease is still prevalent.
II. depicts that this crippling disease is still widespread.
III. shows that this debilitating disease is well- entrenched.
» Explain it
The original statement is incorrect grammatically. Also, it uses the word soothe which means to calm and this does not convey the negativity surrounding the disease.

Statements II and III are correct and imply that this disease is still widespread.

Statement I is incorrect as it talks about the disease as invigorating which means energizing and is absurd.

Hence, option D is correct.
The inhuman socio-economic falling of the disease, especially on the poor, as well as the social stigma that prevents early detection and cure has been well-documented.

I. The inhuman socio-economic fallout of the disease
II. The inhuman socio-economic falling of the disease
III. The severe impact of the disease
» Explain it
The original statement is incorrect grammatically as falling in means to get in line.

Statement I is correct and fallout refers to the adverse results of a situation or action.

Statement II is incorrect as it implies the disease is falling which is absurd.

Statement III is correct.

Hence, option C is correct.