Directions: Which of the phrases A, B, C and D given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and ‘No correction is required’, Mark E as the answer.
He has visited many places all over the city looked at the perfect location to set up his factory.
» Explain it
The sentence implies that the person (subject) is in search of a location for his factory setup. Therefore, the only participle that goes well with the context of the sentence is 'looking for'. 
Look out (Phrasal Verb): be vigilant and take notice.
Look after (Phrasal Verb): take care of
Look forward to (Phrasal Verb): await eagerly 
Look for (Phrasal Verb): to hope to get something that you want or need
Clearly, 'looking for' replaces the bold part most appropriately. 

Hence, option B is correct.
No traffic will be allowed in this area since the minister visit scheduled today.
» Explain it
The original sentence is incorrect.
Here, apostrophe ( ' ) is missing between 'minister' and 'visit'. 
Secondly, as the past participle 'scheduled' is used in the sentence, the verb 'is' should be used right before it to make it a grammatically correct sentence. 
The correct sentence will be:
No traffic will be allowed in this area since the minister's visit is scheduled today.

Hence, option C is correct.
Medical treatment here is very expensive that they had to sell off their land to pay for it.
» Explain it
The original sentence is incorrect.
Option B can be eliminated because 'too' must be followed by an infinitive (to + verb1) which is not the case here.
Option C gets eliminated too because 'so' must be followed by 'that' which is again not the case here. 
Option D gets eliminated because no comparison is made in the sentence and it gets confirmed by the absence of the preposition 'than' in the sentence.
However, option A replaces the bold part appropriately and thus becomes the best replacement among all.

Hence, option A is correct.
To be successful it is important to know why your failure in the past and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
» Explain it
Here, the best choice that replaces the bold part most appropriately is option A. 
No other phrase from any other option makes sense and thus all other options get eliminated.
Hence, option A is correct.
These hand woven shawls are much in demand in many European countries.
» Explain it
The original sentence is correct and needs no improvement.
Hence, option E is correct.