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Direction: In the following passage, some of the words have made bold, each of which is preceded by a letter. Find the suitable word from the options given below that could replace the bold word so as to make the paragraph meaningful. 

When M.K. Stalin is (A) unanimously elected president of the DMK at the party’s general council on Tuesday, it will signal his rise to the top exactly 50 years after he launched the Gopalapuram Youth DMK, a precursor to the DMK Youth Wing. He will be only the third supreme leader of the DMK, launched by C.N. Annadurai in 1949. The Gopalapuram Youth Wing was inaugurated by party general secretary K. Anbazhagan in M. Karunanidhi’s presence in 1968. “He along with his friends (B) convinced the idea in a barber shop and invited Annadurai for the inauguration. But Anna could not attend as he was indisposed. Stalin’s (C) assisting skills made him comment: ‘You are as adamant as your father’,” recalled Govi Lenin, a long-time DMK observer. Originally named Ayyadurai, after Periyar E.V. Ramasamy (Ayya) and Annadurai, Karunanidhi changed his name to Stalin in honor of Russian leader Stalin, who died four days after his birth. Though Mr. Stalin was active, enacting plays and (D) engulfing screening of movies to raise funds, besides taking out rallies in support of autonomy for the State, his detention under the Maintenance of Internal Security during the Emergency earned him recognition. In 1980, the DMK’s Youth Wing was launched. Two years later, he got to head the Youth Wing, which had by then (E) shaken up into a well-oiled party machine. In 1984, he unsuccessfully contested from the Thousand Lights Assembly constituency but subsequently became a legislator in 1989. He has been an MLA since 1996. Mr. Stalin’s growth agitated Vaiko, then a rising star in the DMK. When some DMK district secretaries walked away with Vaiko in 1994, Mr. Stalin proved his (F) muscle as an organizational man by ensuring a large turnout of youth at the DMK’s Tirunelveli conference.
» Explain it
From the given context it is clear that Mr. Stalin became the general secretary of the DMK Political Party with the support from all the quarters of the party and nobody opposed his candidature for the post of the head of the party. The given word unanimously implies the same meaning since it refers to being elected with the support of all and sundry.

Therefore, no replacement is required in case of this blank.
It makes option E the correct choice among the given options.
» Explain it
According to the given context, the Gopalapuram Youth Wing was thought of in a barber shop and M. Annadurai was invited to inaugurate the same. It was the brainchild of Mr. Stalin.

Among the given options, consoled means giving consolation for some loss whereas conceived implies that somebody has through about an idea at the first place before its implementation into a full-fledged thing. Contested implies that somebody fought in a battle or any kind of contest such as an election whereas concocted refers to devising a false story to serve some purpose.

According to the given context as explained above, option B implies the same meaning as intended.
This makes option B the correct choice among the given options.
» Explain it
According to the given context, it is clear that it is some skill possessed by Mr. Stalin just like his father had as a politician that makes him as adamant as his father regarding something. The given word is incorrect since with the skills of assisting it is not possible to judge that somebody is adamant  or not.

Among the given options, preservation refers to the act of preserving something up to a specified degree whereas precipitation implies the phenomenon in which there is condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere. Practice means making something a habit whereas persuasion refers to the skill of convincing somebody to do something according to your own wish.

This makes option D the correct choice among the given options.
» Explain it
According to the given context, it has been used to imply that Mr. Stalin used to organize street acts and movies in order to generate public support and also to raise money for various purposes. The given word is completely irrelevant in the given context since it implies overwhelming or powerfully affecting somebody.

Among the given options, attributing means regarding something as being caused by whereas yielding refers to giving a product or generating financial return from some investment. Organizing means arranging something and determining refers to deciding things.

Hence, only option C fits in the given context.
This makes option C the correct choice among the given options.
» Explain it
According to the given context, it is implied that the Youth Wing of the party shaped up pretty well to become supportive machinery for the whole party. This wing was launched and led by Mr. Stalin. The given word is incorrect since the party machinery could not have shaken up which is completely irrelevant as per logic.

Among the given options, shaped means giving shape to something by efforts and imagination whereas other options are out of context as per the given blank.
This makes option A the correct choice among the given options.