Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer for the given blank out of the four alternatives:
Delhi’s air quality deteriorates with unfailing ___ A ___ at this time of the year, with large swathes of north India in the grip of a suffocating smog, but the State governments that can make it easier for millions to breathe do not act with any sense of ___ B ____. That it has turned into a public health emergency ___ C ___ the capital, with the air quality index touching extremely hazardous levels in some parts, necessitating the closure of primary schools, has further lowered its standing. It is unconscionable for governments, through ___ D___ and inaction, to subject citizens to such toxic air, and cause extreme suffering especially ___ E ___ people with respiratory ailments and impaired lung function.
» Explain it
The first sentence wishes to convey that the air quality of Delhi worsens every year at this time. Sometimes conveys the opposite of this while always and regular do not fit in grammatically with the rest of the sentence.
Only regularity makes sense.
Hence, option C is correct.

» Explain it
The statement shows that the state government has not been proactive and in fact has shown apathy to an extent. Thus, panic, laid back and accomplished are eliminated.
Only urgency fits in. This means that the government is not acting fast enough.
Hence, option B is correct

» Explain it
The drop in air quality has turned into a public health emergency and this has happened in Delhi. This is the correct answer.

Onto Delhi and under Delhi are absurd.

Between in and on, in is used to denote a location of something inside a space while on generally, denotes something above a surface or within proximity.

Option D is hence the correct answer.

» Explain it
The statement tries to convey that it is unpardonable for the government to be so unconcerned.
Steps and measures convey the opposite are can be eliminated.
Unconcerned is contextually correct but incorrect grammatically.
Only indifference fits in.
Hence, option D is correct.

» Explain it
The sentence states that toxic air is especially causing suffering among a specific set of people – the ones with respiratory issues. Since the sentence points out an issue within a specific group, the correct word is among which means in the middle of.
The other words do not make sense.
Hence , option A is correct.

Cloze Test is asked in every Bank and Insurance exam. It is one of the most important topics of General English section. It is a very complex sentence completion test. In this test you are provided with a passage with few blanks and you need to fill these blanks from the given options. This test evaluates your Vocabulary power, understanding of the message spread out by the passage and your knowledge about grammar.

Some important tips on how to attempt Cloze Test:

1. First of all you have to go through the given passage and try to get a rough idea about the content and the message it conveys.

2. Once you get the rough idea about the passage and understand logics behind it. These logics will give you an idea about the appropriate word for the blank space.

3. Sometimes you can easily spot the correct answer. If not, then eliminate the improbable options one by one and get the right answer.

4. Find a logical relation between all the provided options and fill the appropriate word in the given blanks.

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