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Directions (1 to 5) : Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to make the passage meaningful.

The emergence of a cloud based banking will affect banks big and small. Banks are expected to spend at most $180 billion on IT this year. At present, cloud based services make up a tiny fraction of this amount but some estimate     (1)     by financial services firms on the cloud will account $26 billion in 2015. This increase should     (2)     barriers to entry for newcomers which can rent modern IT infrastructure at monthly fees of less than $10,000     (3)     having to invest tens of millions of dollars upfront to build their own secure data entries and it should also enable big banks to become much more cost of     (4)    . Small firms without traditional computer systems to maintain are the fastest movers.     (5)     can type documents, run spreadsheets and read e-mails in the cloud. Keeping track of clients, payments and loans can be done on a cloud computing platform using a specially banking software.
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