Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a letter. Find the suitable word from the options given against each letter and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.

The key to removing corruption is transparency of political funding. That would end – first misuse of the state ____ A ____ by the politician to raise funds, second ____ B ____ in the services of civil servants and third ____ C ____ both accountability and integrity of the administration. So long as people need cash for bribes, they would withdraw cash and a transaction cost would not deter them.

Moreover, the RBI can pass on the potential savings from reduced cash handling to lower the cost of electronic transactions. So can the government. ____ D ____ from the RBI and the government, in tandem with competition to Visa and MasterCard from RuPay, should make digital payments ____ E ____ costless for merchants and consumers.
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Usage of the words ‘devices’, ‘gadget’ or ‘apparatus’ would be illogical in the context of the passage.

Between ‘government’ and ‘machinery’, the word ‘machinery’ fits the blank aptly as the term ‘State machinery’ refers to the allocation of functions to and between departments and other government agencies.

Option D is hence the correct answer.
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The usage of preposition ‘in’ right after the blank hints at the idiom ‘roping in’ which means ‘to persuade a person or group to do something’ as a strong pick for the blank.

The verb ‘adhering’ is followed by the preposition ‘to’, ‘releasing’ and ‘luring’ take an object right after them and thus options A, C and D can be eliminated.

Usage of the word ‘chaining’ is making the context absurd and can be eliminated as well.

Option B is hence the correct answer.
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Usage of any of ‘distrusting’, ‘negating’, ‘offending’ and ‘sabotaging’ is not going well with the context. The options A, B, D and E hence can be eliminated.

‘Undermining’ which means ‘to lessen the power or effectiveness of’ fits the blank appropriately.

Option C is hence the correct answer.
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As the first sentence of the second paragraph talks about the potential use of the expenditure amount saved from reduced cash handling, usage of the word ‘outlays’ which in Economics refers to ‘an amount spent or an expenditure’ is the most appropriate choice out of the given ones.

Usage of either ‘addition’ or ‘sum’ is adding absurdity to the context. Options D and E hence can be eliminated.

Similarly, usage of phrase ‘income from’ or ‘payment from’ in relation to RBI, which is a monetary authority and not a bank or a profit making company doesn’t seem logical and option B and C can be eliminated as well.

Option A is hence the correct answer.
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Usage of any the words ‘never’, ‘little’ and ‘highly’ would add contradiction to what is being inferred from the passage. Options A, C and D get eliminated.

‘Ever’ is too strong for an adverb to fit the blank. Option B can be eliminated too.

‘Virtually’ that refers to ‘nearly’ or ‘almost’ would be meaningful and completes the idea being stated.

Option E is hence the correct answer.