New Pattern English Questions for LIC ASSISTANT 2020, IBPS PRE 2020 and EPFO SSA PRE | Cloze Test Exercise No 68 at Smartkeeda

Directions: In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a letter. Find the suitable word from the options given against each letter and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningful.
The Central government’s decision to suspend trade across the Line of Control ___ A ___ Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is bad in conception, and comes at a particularly fraught time. Recently, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced the ___ B ___ from midnight of trade at the two designated points at Salamabad and Chakan-da-Bagh, citing concerns about “illegal weapons, narcotics and fake currency” being ___ C ___ into India. It is also being argued that the zero-tariff barter arrangement is being violated through under-invoicing and the exchange of third party items such as U.S.-origin California almonds. The first is presumably a way to transfer funds; and the second would be to exploit the zero-tariff trade, something brought up by traders who ___ D ___ via the Wagah border. The government’s concerns may be well-founded, but the solution to violations of a trade agreement is to enforce the rules ___ E ___ , not stop exchange of goods and put at risk the livelihood of countless people on both sides of the LoC. At a protest in Srinagar ___ F ___ the trade suspension, for instance, a leader of the cross-LoC traders association argued that they had, in fact, themselves been seeking a “foolproof mechanism” to enforce the terms of the ___ G ___.
» Explain it
Trade is something which requires two or more parties. This cancels the possibility of “beyond”, “by” and “with” which do not give the same connotation.

Between “Among” and “Between” the correct preposition would be between as there are only two parties - one is J & K and another is POK.

Among is used for more than two entities, therefore is grammatically incorrect here.

Hence option C is correct.
» Explain it
Article ‘the’ is used in a sentence when something used earlier is referred again. In the previous statement we have seen that a suspension on trade between J&K and POK is announced.

Thus the correct word to fill the blank would be “suspension”.

Hence option A is correct.
» Explain it
Import is done for legal things whereas the sentence talks about movement of illegal weapons and fake currency, which is illegal. Thus option A is not the correct fit.

Rescued means “Saved” which is not fitting with the context.

“Come” is grammatically incorrect as with “being” past participle of verb is used usually.

“Deployed” means installing equipment or military force, which is contextually absurd.

“Transported” means moved which suits the context as due to movement of illegal weapons and fake currencies across the border trade is being suspended.

Hence option E is correct.
» Explain it
Traders may do both the things i.e. buying as well as selling. So, “Trade” is the term that includes purchase as well as sales both.

“work” will not go with the context as it is not that much specific as “trade”.

“Commerce” is grammatically wrong as the sentence requires a verb to be used here.

Hence option B is correct.
» Explain it
The sentence requires an adverb to be placed in the blank. Thus options A and D are eliminated as they are adjectives.

“Hastily” and “Rapidly” means the same, which is “hurriedly” or “Quickly”. This does not meet the context which counters the ban on trade and promotes formulation of rules.

“Stringently” which means strictly is a perfect fit.

Hence option C is correct.