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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer.

  • 1.
    A person travels a certain distance at 3 km/hr and reaches 15 min late. If he travels at 4 km/hr, he reaches 15 min earlier. The distance he has to travel is
    A. 4.5 km B. 6 km
    C. 7.2 km D. 12 km

  • 2.
    If a body covers a distance at the rate of x km/h and another equal distance at the rate of y km/h, then the average speed (in km/h) is
    x + y


    x + y

    x + y

  • 3.
    A man cycles with a speed of 10 km/h and reaches his offices at 1 pm. However, when he cycles with a speed of 15 km/h, he reaches his office at 11 am. At what speed should he cycle, so that he reaches his office at 12 noon?
    A. 12.5 km/hr B. 12 km/hr
    C. 13 km/hr D. 13/5 km/hr

  • 4.
    Two cars A and B start simultaneously from a certain place at the speed of 30 km/h and 45 km/h, respectively. The car B reaches the destination 2 h earlier than A. what is the distance between the starting point and destination?
    A. 90 km B. 180 km
    C. 270 km D. 360 km

  • 5.
    The first one-third part of a 75 km long journey took half as long as the time taken to complete the rest of the trip. If the last two-third part of the journey took ‘h’ hrs, then the average speed of the whole trip was:
    A. (25 / h) km/hr B. (50 / h) km/hr
    C. (60 / h) km/hr D. None of these