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Direction : Study the following question carefully and choose the right answer.

  • 1.
    A man starts from a place P and reaches the place Q in 7 hours. He travels 1/4 th of the distance at 10 km/hour and the remaining distance at 12 km/hour. The distance, in kilometer, between P and Q is:
    A. 70 km B. 72 km
    C. 80 km D. 90 km
    E. None of these

  • 2.
    In the school, Mohan and Govind took a part in the race and the ratio between their speeds is 5 : 7. Mohan losses the race by 360m then what is the length of the track (in km)?
    A. 1.26 km B. 1.2 km
    C. 2 km D. 0.9 km
    E. None of these

  • 3.
    The respective ratio between the speed of a car, a train, and a bus is 5 : 9 : 4.The average speed of the car , the bus and the train is 72 km/hr together. What is the average speed of the car and the train together?
    A. 82 km/h B. 72 km/h
    C. 84 km/h D. 67 km/h
    E. None of these

  • 4.
    Ranvir goes to his office from his house at a speed of 16 km/hr and returns to his home from his office at a speed of 20 km/hr and he takes 4 hour 30 minutes in all. If the distance of his friend's house from his office is 20% more than the distance of his house from his office, find the distance of his house to his friend's house.(assuming the office lies between Ranvir's house and his friend's house)
    A. 80 km B. 60 km
    C. 92 km D. 70 km
    E. 88 km

  • 5.
    Mohit and Anuj took a part in a race. Mohit runs 300m in 50 second and Anuj takes 1 minute to cover the same distance. By what distance will Mohit beat Anuj in 300 m race?
    A. 25 m B. 55 m
    C. 60 m D. 50 m
    E. None of these

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