Tips to Choose the Best Test Series for SSC CGL 2022

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By Smartkeeda
30 Sep 2022

How to Choose the Best Test Series for SSC CGL 2022?

Millions of students appear for the SSC CGL exam every year but only a handful of them are able to grab a post out of it. What makes these few candidates outshine others? What do you think the other students miss?
Well, most of them miss a crucial step of preparation, Evaluation! Online test series are designed to test the knowledge and the level of preparedness of aspirants. Mock tests are the best ways to make a self-judgment about your preparation and how well you’ve worked over your concepts. It also helps you to realize the loopholes in your preparation and the areas you need to focus on to improve your performance for the actual examination. The mock tests train your mind for the actual examination and help you to ensure that you’re on the path to success.

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Before discussing the criteria to choose the best test series for SSC CGL 2022, let us discuss why you need a mock test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam in the first place:
  • A mock test series makes you familiar with the latest examination pattern for SSC CGL 2022 exam. Getting familiar with the pattern will help an aspirant develop an effective plan of action to prepare for the examination.
  • Taking mocks on a regular basis helps you develop time management skills which is one of the prerequisites for any exam.
  • Mock test series discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you to develop an effective plan to work on them to excel in any competitive exam.
  • Mocks are very helpful when it comes to overcoming examination phobia and controlling your nerves in the examination hall.
  • Mocks keep a track of your progress and share a clear idea of the areas you need to work on to perform even better.
  • Performing well in mocks boosts your self-confidence and provides you the required motivation to do well in exams.
There is a good number of online test series available in the market but most students are found scratching their heads while choosing one. To help you clear this confusion and choose the most effective online test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam, we have penned down some key factors that you need to consider before finalizing one.

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The following points should be kept in mind while choosing the best test series for SSC CGL 2022 examination. A good test series should have the following features:
1. Variety Of Questions
2. Smart Analytics
3. Better Time Management
4. Acknowledge Your Strengths And Weaknesses
5. Comparison With The Topper
6. Approach Followed By The Topper
7. You Vs You
8. Reattempt Mode
9. Smart Solutions
10. Streamlined Doubt-Asking Feature

Why Smartkeeda is the Best Test Series for SSC CGL 2022 Exam?

1. Variety of Questions 

You cannot guess the difficulty level of the shift you might encounter during your actual exam. Therefore, a good test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should have a combination of patterns with a variety of questions to prepare you for the worst. You should jump to different difficulty levels according to your preparation.
Practice for ssc cgl 2022 smartkeeda

Let us discuss how the availability of a variety of mocks in the SSC CGL 2022 test series would be beneficial to your preparation:
  1. Examination pattern-based mocks: It will help you become familiar with the latest examination pattern providing you a deep understanding of and exposure to the current examination pattern providing you a realistic exam experience.
  2. Difficult level mocks: This level will acquaint you with the challenges you might face in the actual exam. Such challenges help the students learn that they can overcome obstacles, and stick with something even when it's difficult.
  3. Moderate level mocks: It will check your level of preparedness and give it a reality check to your preparation helping you perform to the best of your ability.
  4. Easy level mocks: These mocks will work as a confidence-booster part of your preparation. Confidence makes you more willing to take smart risks and more able to move outside your comfort zone. Hence scoring in these mocks will inspire you to take on bigger challenges.

2. Smart Analytics

Taking mocks back to back won't help. After attempting a mock, the next step should be the analysis of your performance in that mock. You should take enough time to analyze them thoroughly. The analysis part will help you in improving your score. And ultimately, improving your score should be the objective.

Smart analysis of the SSC CGL 2022 mock test highlights the areas that might need more attention. A good mock test series should thoroughly analyze your performance and share a clear idea of where you stand among your competitors. The analysis should just not be limited to checking your rank and scores. Through a smart analysis, you should be able to recognize your strong and weak areas, your speed, accuracy, and the topics where you wasted/saved most of your time. It will help you acknowledge the loopholes in your preparation and reframe your approach to help you perform better in the upcoming tests.
The availability of a personalized graphical report based on your overall performance will also help you to visualize your progress conveniently and draw insights into your performance.

3. Better Time Management

time managemenet ssc cgl 2022 smarkeeda

Time management plays an important role when you have to clear competitive exams. There is no sectional timing in the SSC CGL 2022 exam. You'll get 60 minutes to answer 100 questions with 25 questions in each section. Therefore, you can divide your time as per your strengths. Like if you're good at English, approach this section first and solve it in the minimum possible time. You can allot the saved time to the tricky questions. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the areas of your strength and weaknesses and where you can save your time.
A good test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should keep a track of your spent time on each question in each section and give you a clear idea of the topics that consumed most of your time. This will allow you to discover better techniques to solve those questions in the given time and manage your time better. While looking deep into your time management part, you should be able to answer the following questions:
  • Which questions aren’t worth spending time on?
  • What type of questions should be approached first to save time?
  • Which questions should be tried later?
  • How much time should be allotted to various types of questions?
An answer to the above questions will help you develop an effective strategy to manage your time and maximize your attempts in SSC CGL 2022 exam.

4. Acknowledge your Strengths and Weaknesses

A good mock test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should give you an in-depth idea of your strengths and weaknesses by analyzing your performance. It should display the number of questions that appeared on each topic and the ones correctly/incorrectly marked by you. Like if you’re analyzing your reasoning section, you should be able to get a topic-wise analysis of your performance in the reasoning section displayed in the following categories:
  • Score: How many questions appeared from analogy, number series, alphabet tests, etc and how much were you able to score in each topic? This will give you a rough idea of the topic you need to focus on to maximize your scores.
  • Accuracy: Many students put wild guesses to maximize their attempts in exams. This might hamper your accuracy and you might lose the precious positive marks earned by you. The accuracy slot will display the percentage of questions accurately solved by you in each topic.
  • Speed: This slot will help you manage your precious time by revealing the amount of time spent by you on easy, moderate as well as difficult topics. You should make a list of such topics are practice them regularly to increase your speed.
  • Topic strength: The combination of your score, speed, and accuracy in each topic builds your topic strength. An excellent topic strength displays your strengths and a poor topic strength will display your weaknesses.
This year as per the latest pattern of the SSC CGL 2022 exam, there will be a sectional cut-off for each section introduced in Tier-II. Therefore, you need to give relevant focus to each topic to maintain a good balance in all sections for clearing the sectional cut-offs.

Click here to understand the latest examination pattern for SSC CGL 2022 exam and the major changes introduced.
Click here to attempt SSC CGL Tier-II mock based on the latest examination pattern!

5. Comparision with the Topper

Comparisons can be a powerful motivator if you harness them correctly. Comparing your performance with the topper of the mock test can inspire, and motivate you to do better. You might even think “If they can do it, so can I!” An effective test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should compare your performance against the topper to help you understand the amount of hard work required by you to become the next topper. Approaching the scores of the topper in a mock test will give you a sense of achievement which will boost your confidence level to work harder towards your goals.

6. Approach Followed by the Topper 

We’ve always been fascinated by the success stories of the toppers. Most of us occasionally go through the topper's strategy to consider what they did to stand out among millions of competitors. Therefore, comparing your scores with the topper’s is just not enough. A good test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should help you understand the strategy followed by the topper to become one.
comparision with topper ssc cgl 2022 smartkeeda
You should dive into the following areas to understand the approach followed by him/her:
  • How many questions were correctly attempted by the topper?
  • What type of questions were skipped by the topper?
  • How much time was spent by the topper on the difficult questions?
  • What was the accuracy of the topper in each section?
  • How did the topper manage his time in each section to maximize his attempts?
Toppers are not born with the extraordinary talent to succeed in tests, such habits are slowly developed through constant practice and experience. An answer to the above question will help you understand the loopholes in your preparation. An effort to imitate the topper’s strategy for SSC CGL 2022 exam can help you build an effective roadmap to success.

7. You Vs You

“You vs You” will always be your biggest fight! You should always compete with yourself and try to outshine your previous performance in each test.
smartkeeda self analysis ssc cgl 2022
A reliable mock test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam should closely monitor your performance and keep a record of your improvement by comparing your last performance with the latest one. The “past vs you” comparison of your performance will give you an idea of how better are you at challenging yourself during your preparation. Such a comparison of your current self with your former self will help you answer the following questions.
  • Were you able to outshine your previous performance?
  • Which type of questions are you continuously attempting wrong?
  • Were you able to improve your accuracy in the latest mock?
  • Were you able to manage your time well and attempt all the questions you were familiar with?
Even if your scores become stagnant in a few mocks, you should not get disheartened. Rome was not built in a day. Constant practice will surely help you make a comeback.
Remember, you are the greatest project you’ll ever work on!

8. Reattempt Mode

Have you ever encountered a situation after an exam where you felt like “I could have done better”? Unfortunately, exams do not provide a second chance, but mock tests do. You should grab this second chance in your mock tests to experiment with your strategies and adopt the most effective one.
A good mock test series should allow you to reattempt the mock or a particular question you want with a timer to help you develop a better approach to that question. You should be able to analyze with which approach were you able to minimize your spent time.
Reattempting a mock test helps you to learn and apply better techniques to solve a question that could save your time. The reattempt mode of a mock test series can help you increase your speed and accuracy by giving you a second chance to attempt the questions that could be solved by better methods, or short-cuts. This gives you a chance to develop strategies to solve problems during the exam more efficiently.

9. Smart Solutions

Analyzing the explanation part of each question (not just the incorrect attempts) of the test series is very important to learn some advanced techniques. While going through the explanation, you might find some better ways to apply the basic concepts that could have saved your time.
A good test series should provide you with smarter approaches in the explanation part of each question to help you to solve them in minimum time with maximum accuracy. The explanation part of the test series should be designed with utmost caution so that all types of aspirants could grasp it easily and enhance their performance with each test.

10. Streamlined Doubt-asking Feature

It is typical to encounter doubts while taking mocks. Therefore, a well-organized doubt-asking feature is a crucial part of any test series. If you get stuck with any question or explanation, you should instantly be able to raise doubt and get an answer to your problem as soon as possible.

Why Smartkeeda/Testzone is the Best test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam?

Smartkeeda test series (also known as testzone) for SSC CGL 2022 exam has been meticulously designed by a dedicated team of experts with an aim to help the students judge their potential and work on it before the actual exam.  Our highly qualified team of content developers is dedicated to fetching you high-quality error-free content supplemented with detailed explanations. The following exclusive features of the smartkeeda online test series make it unique and the best test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam:
Comparison with the best:  At Smartkeeda, we provide an exclusive opportunity to compare your performance with the top educators like Ankush Lamba Sir, Rajan sir, and Harshal Agarwal Sir to understand their approach to the test series and acquire the best out of it for better performance.

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Performance graphs: The “performance graph” feature of our test series prepares a personalized graphical report based on the candidate’s overall performance so far that helps him to visualize his progress in a concise manner.
performance graph ssc cgl 2022 smartkeeda test series

Best analysis: Smartkeeda test series for SSC CGL 2022 is truly unmatchable if we talk about the analysis part. We provide highly detailed, error-free analytics reports on a candidate’s performance that helps him to easily diagnose his ins and outs and work on them.
smart analysis ssc cgl 2022 best test series smartkeeda
best analysis ssc cgl 2022 test series smartkeeda testzone

Normal vs Suggestion Interface: We’ve creatively designed three types of smart interfaces to help students set up their goals:
  • The normal mode helps you to know where you stand with the intelligently designed interface.
  • The suggestion mode is developed for newbies in this field. It displays important analytics and easy question on the go and suggests you the type of questions you should attempt first to maximize your scores.
  • New pattern mode completely imitates the latest examination interface for the SSC CGL 2022 exam and gives you a realistic exam-like environment in terms of examination pattern, time duration, and type of questions.
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Final Word

Dear aspirants! If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your lives. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for take-off! Get the best test series for SSC CGL 2022 exam and start practicing now!

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Click here to attempt a free mock test of SSC CGL 2022 now!

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