Direction : Study the following question carefully and choose the right answer.
Insulin is a hormone given to people suffering from which of the following disease?
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The function of insulin hormone is to lower the blood sugar level in humans. People suffering from severe diabetes are given injections of insulin to bring back their sugar levels to normal.

Hence, option A is correct.

Which of the following hormone is responsible for the production of sperms in male?
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Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the production of sperms in male.
         Estrogen is the female hormone responsible for feminine features in females like the growing of breasts.
         Thyroxine is a hormone produced by the thyroid gland which helps in regulating the metabolic rate of the body. 
Adrenaline hormone is responsible for preparing our bodies to act and respond in danger. It increases the heart rate, breathing rate and the blood flow in the body. 

Hence, option B is correct.
The leaves of a plant fall because of the presence of which of the following hormone?
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All the above mentioned are plant hormones.
Abscisic acid is present in droughted leaves, droughted roots, and developing seeds and it can travel both up and down in a plant stem in the xylem or phloem. 
Ethylene is a plant hormone that affects ripening and rotting in plants. it exists as a gas. No other plant hormone is gaseous. Ethylene can be produced in almost any part of a plant, and can diffuse through the plant’s tissue and travel through the air to come in contact with any other plant. 
Auxin is involved in cell growth and cell expansion, so it is produced primarily in parts of the plant that are actively growing like the stem.
Gibberellins play an important role in several developmental stages in plants, but their claim to fame is making stems longer.

Hence, option D is correct.
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The stamen is a male part. It is made up of long stalks, called filaments. At the top of the long filament is the anther. The anther produces pollen. The pollen contains the male sex cell.
The carpel is a female part of the flower. It has a wide ovary at its base. This leads up into a narrow style. At the top of the style is a sticky stigma. Eggs are produced in the ovary. Eggs are the female sex cells.

Hence, option A is correct.
Which of the following animal undergoes external fertilisation?
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There are two types of fertilisations. 1) Internal fertilisation and external fertilisation. 
Internal fertilization is when the male deposits his sperm directly into the female's body. External fertilization is when the male and female's gametes unite outside the female's body. Examples of internal fertilisation are dog, cow, cat. Examples of external fertilisation include fish, frog. 

Hence, option C is correct.