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The vastness of syllabus and the cut throat competition makes SEBI Legal Officer Exam one of the toughest exams to crack in India. India’s Leading online test provider with more than 21 selections in Bank and other Legal officer exams has brought a comprehensive series for your preparation in the times of COVID for SEBI LEGAL OFFICER 2020. In this article we will cover given below points:


Benefits of our Test Series:

1. We have experience in making the Legal Test Series for various exams in India. Last year we had more than 21 selections in Bank and other Legal officer Exams throughout India. We will give the questions as far as humanely possible according to the exam level of SEBI LEGAL Grade A.

2. SEBI Legal Officer Test Series will keep you in the race by managing your time Schedule. The package consists of day by day goals and more than 10000 questions data bank.

3. One Stop solution for Prelims and Mains of SEBI Legal Officer Exam. After you give your Prelims Exam we will be ready with Questions for Mains and Mock Interview (paid) as well.

4. The SEBI Legal Officer Test series will streamline your mind to optimize your performance in the Prelims examination. The timer in the Testzone series will help you to keep a tab on your time in the each section of the Exam but it is particularly useful for SEBI Prelims.

5. The SEBI Legal Officer Paper is Online and we offer both Web and Android App experience to our users.

6. Test and Buy:- You can give one free mock test of both Prelims Sections of SEBI Legal officer to check our quality apart from our 1000 questions which are freely available at your perusal.


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Study Plan for SEBI Legal Officer Exam 2020:

Dear Students,

This SEBI Legal Officer test series Schedule is designed to make you fly through all the three stages of SEBI LEGAL OFFICER exam. The competition lately in the SEBI LEGAL exam has increased leaps and bounds and a strategy is needed to crack the Exam. The exam consists of many sections in the preliminary as well as mains preparation stage but a detailed schedule like this followed with Iron Hand Discipline is surely going to take you to the post of SEBI LEGAL officer and give you, your desired career security.


No need to buy out-dated books in the market or subscribing any magazine apart from Smartkeeda. Just follow the written details and you will find yourself in a comfortable position to top the exam.

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Schedule Start Date 20 October 2020

SEBI Legal Prelims is an important step in becoming a law officer as it allows you to enter the penultimate Final written SEBI LAW MAINS Examination.


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The Prelims is divided into 4 parts

I. General Awareness Section of SEBI LEGAL OFFICER (Most scoring but EXTREMELY Vast)

II. Logical reasoning for SEBI LEGAL OFFICER

Most aspirants take Logical Reasoning quite easy, not realizing that in the exam hall this section is indeed a life saver if G.K or Quant is too difficult to handle. Kindly practice from the links down below:-

Keep 10 days for doing some reasoning questions in which you are not sure.

The last but scoring and tricky section is English. Without preparation it eats your time.
III. English Section for SEBI LEGAL OFFCIER

Do five Quizzes from each section every alternate day Till Exam Date. Do the complete sections of Synonyms, Antonyms & Comprehension Test.

IV. Quant Section for LEGAL OFFICER EXAM: Buy a good book and practice it along with Smartkeeda Quant section which has around 1000 questions of SEBI Quant topics in online manner.


SEBI LAW Ideal Mains Schedule for an average student.

Main Corporate Laws - These Laws should be completed in a fortnight except Company Law and IBC which can be given more time as per the need of the candidate.

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Main General Laws - These should be finished with optimum utilization approach. Bare sections of Important Topics must be remembered.
  1. Transfer of Property Act - Complete it by 3 to 4 days
  2. Indian Mercantile Law - Complete it in 2 to 3 days.
  3. Consumer Protection Act - 1 day
  4. Law of TORTS - 1 day
  5. Arb. & Conciliation Act -  1 day
  6. Civil Procedure code - 5 to 7 days
  7. Constitution of India - 5 to 7 days.
  8. Criminal Procedure Code - 7 days
  9. Indian penal Code - 5 days
  10. Miscellaneous - Max 10 days
Time distribution for the Day for Maximum benefit of Smartkeeda Schedule for SEBI Legal Officer

4 Hours exclusively for Prelims General till exams that includes Practice of Quant and Reasoning.

6 to 8 Hours exclusively daily for SEBI Prelims and Mains.

How SEBI Legal Officer TestSeries Plan helps:

During your Prep a time based test schedule will grill you with 24 TESTS OF SEBI SO PRE AND MAINS. The results will follow the Discipline!!!!!
After Prelims Results:

SEBI Basic Plan 2400 Rupees - 24 Mock Tests
SEBI Premium Plan 3600 Rupees
SEBI Premium Plan 3600 Rupees -11 + 8 Tests for Pre and Mains (Law) + 10 Essays and + 30 Sectional Law Exams
Detailed Plan for Sectional Law Tests of SEBI Legal Officer Test Series.
1.  Each week min 2 sectionals tests consisting of 20 marks each will be released to keep you in sync with the Exam. This will ensure that your preparation is wholesome and covers every section of the exam especially the Corporate Laws.
2.  You will be given total 10 topics after 1 January 2021 to write an essay dealing with Financial and Legal issues. The essays will be thoroughly checked by our team dedicated to Legal Officer Selections. 
3.  10 additional Mini quizzes on will be added in your mains program to give you complete revision of IBC, Company Law and other laws before mains. 
Smartkeeda is the trusted site which has produced more than 25 Legal Officers in various exams conducted by IBPS body. Trust us and we will help you get selected in SEBI Grade A Legal.

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