New Pattern Based Test Series for CLAT 2024 with Brilliant Analysis and Solution

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By Smartkeeda
21 Nov 2019
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new clat 2024 test series

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The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2024 for entry into the top National Law Universities in the country has been delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
However, the delay should not lead to a pause in your preparation efforts.  With a new pattern introduced by CLAT, a student needs to understand the change made in the exam and shift his or her preparation accordingly. To help you experience the real exam, Testzone brings you the best CLAT 2024 test series. We believe that practice based on the latest exam pattern will make all the difference in results.

How Testzone is the best test series for CLAT 2024

1. High-quality content developed for CLAT
Testzone experts have a strong background in developing questions for the CLAT exam. Every test is developed keeping quality in mind and every test undergoes a high level of scrutiny. Whether it is question development, proofreading or answer explanation, our team offers the best experience. Besides this, we have a dedicated content team to produce quality content every day. With the questions, detailed explanation and illustrations is provided, specifically in case of quant and reasoning section.
2. New Pattern Questions
CLAT has introduced a new pattern for the 2024 exam and keeping the same in mind, we have included the new pattern questions for our tests of CLAT 2024. In addition to this, we also try to include challenging questions to improve one’s reasoning ability.

3. The Smart & Real Interface
We at Testzone offer both Smart as well as Real Interface that helps a user in an array of ways.
The Smart Interface helps candidates understand the identifying and skipping the difficult questions in an exam, which is key to completing an exam successfully. It highlights the excess time taken over the average user time per question, to help you get into the practice of leaving out such questions. You can also look at the difference in test scores - one taken with suggestion mode and the one taken in the real test mode. It will help you to become aware of your mistakes related to question selection.

best test series for clat 2024
The Real exam interface is meant for the advanced level candidates who are already aware of the exam taking strategy and look to sharpen their abilities. The Real Exam Interface at Testzone is quite similar to the actual exam interface and helps candidates get accustomed to the real exam mode.
4. In-depth Analysis
When it comes to test analysis, our platform offers unparalleled features. It includes the Speed-time analysis to evaluate what questions are picked by the candidate vs topper in four quarters of time of the test/section. It helps you understand the question selection strategy by the topper and you can also evaluate your strategy with your past test here.

clat mock test

5. Performance Graphs
With the help of graphs, you will be able to see how you are performing over a number of tests on various fronts: Percentile, Accuracy and Easy Question Selection.

free mock test for clat
6. Strong vs Weak Areas
In this section, you will get to know about your strengths and weakness. It will be measured on the basis of the following criteria: 
  • Marks in the topic
  • Accuracy related to the questions of the topic
  • Current speed to solve the questions of the topic
clat test series

Some of the other vital features include accuracy, time distribution and question selection which play a vital role in the overall time management of the exam.
7. Program features for CLAT 2024

  • Mock Tests based on the actual exam pattern
  • In-depth analysis of every mock with detailed explanation
  • Regular updates on Issue based current affairs
  • Practice & Stay updated on legal reasoning quizzes
  • Timely exam notification

The CLAT 2024 test series is designed to complement your CLAT preparation efforts and is the perfect companion to streamline your preparation.
With the Testzone advantage, you will be able to work on your weaknesses while simultaneously building on your strengths.
Start practicing today to improve your score and ensure selection in the top NLU’s of the country.

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