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Directions: Study the following questions carefully and choose the right answer:

  • 1.
    If the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 41 cm and the sum of the other two sides is 49 cm, find the difference between the other sides.
    A. 30 cm B. 31 cm
    C. 32 cm D. 29 cm

  • 2.
    A point D is taken from the side BC of a right-angled triangle ABC, where AB is hypotenuse. Then
    A. AB2 + CD2 = BC2 + AD2 B. CD2 + BD2 = 2AD2
    C. CD2 + BD2 = 2AD2 D. AB2 = AD2 + BD2

  • 3.
    In a right-angled triangle, the product of two sides is equal to half of the square of the third side i.e., hypotenuse. One of the acute angle must be
    A. 60° B. 30°
    C. 45° D. 15°

  • 4.
    ABC is an isosceles triangle such that AB = AC and AD is the median to the base BC with ∠ABC = 35°. Then ∠BAD is
    A. 35° B. 55°
    C. 70° D. 110°

  • 5.
    An isosceles triangle ABC is right-angled at B. D is a point inside the triangle ABC. P and Q are the feet of the perpendiculars drawn from D on the side AB and AC respectively of ΔABC. If AP = a cm, AQ = b cm and ∠BAD = 15°, sin 75° = ?
    3 a


    3 a

    3 b

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