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Mixed Chart Data Interpretation questions are regularly featured in all the major Bank and other entrance exams in present competitive exam arena. We at www.smartkeeda.com keep bringing the best content for you to pratise and improve your Data Interpretation techniques. Practise one such Mixed Pie and Line Chart DI Set or Mixed Data Interpretation Chart and get detailed solution of each DI question of the complete Mixed Chart Data Interpretation Quiz here at Smartkeeda. This quiz gives you an opportunity to learn Mixed Data Interpretation techniques while solving questions of Mixed DI quiz important for upcoming exams like Syndicate Bank PO, IBPS Clerk Mains, SBI PO Pre, IBPS PO Pre 2018, IBPS RRB Office Assistant Pre and Mains 2018, IBPS RRB Scale 1 Pre 2018, IBPS SO Pre 2017, etc. Attempt the given Mixed Data Interpretation Quiz and try solving all the DI questions correctly.

Directions: Study te following information carefully and answer the question given below:
Pie chart shows the production of rice by 5 different factories and line chart shows the percentage of sale.

Total production = 3600 kg

important for :
IBPSClerk SBIClerk

  • 1.
    In which of the following factory the sale of rice is the highest?
    A. Factory P B. Factory Q
    C. Factory M D. Factory O
    E. Factory N

  • 2.
    Rice sold by factory M and N together is how much percent more than the production of rice by factory M?
    A. 30% B. 45% 
    C. 10%  D. 20%
    E. None of these

  • 3.
    If the cost price of rice is Rs 45 per kg and profit earned by factory Q on 1 kg rice is 20% of the cost price, find the total profit earned by factory Q.
    A. Rs 4326 B. Rs 5256
    C. Rs 5346 D. Rs 5697
    E. None of these 

  • 4.
    What is the ratio of rice sold by factory P and Q together to the rice sold by factory N and O together?
    A. 71 : 54 B. 77 : 51
    C. 25 : 29 D. 69 : 47
    E. 51 : 77

  • 5.
    What percent of total rice has been sold by all the factory?
    A. 55% B. 66%
    C. 76% D. 50%
    E. None of these

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