Directions: Study the following questions carefully and answer the questions given below.
Looking at a picture of a boy, Hemant said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers and sisters I have none.” At whose picture was Hemant looking?
» Explain it
Since Hemant has no brother or sister, so he is his father’s only son.
So, wife of Hemant’s father’s son — Hemant’s wife.
Thus, Hemant’s wife is the boy’s mother or the boy is Hemant’s son.

Hence, the option A is correct.
When Anup saw Sandeep, he recalled, “He is the son of the father of my daughter’s mother.” Who is Sandeep to Anup?
» Explain it
Anup’s daughter’s mother — Anup’s wife; Anup’s wife’s father — Anup’s father-in-law; Father-in-law’s son — Anup’s brother-in-law.
So, Sandeep is Anup’s brother-in-law.

Hence, the option A is correct.
Pointing to Kalyan, Shreya said, “His mother’s brother is the father of my son Manish.” How is Kalyan related to Shreya?
» Explain it
Father of Shreya’s son — Shreya’s husband. So, Kalyan is the son of sister of Shreya’s husband. Thus, Kalyan is Shreya’s nephew.

Hence, the option B is correct.

Pointing to a lady, Shahrukh said, “She is the daughter of the only child of my grandmother.” How is the lady related to Shahrukh?
» Explain it
Only child of Shahrukh’s grandmother — Shahrukh’s father/mother.
Daughter of Shahrukh’s father/mother — Shahrukh’s sister.

Hence, the option A is correct.
If Neha says, “priyanka’s father Omveer is the only son of my father-in-law Chandrapal”, then how is Ruchi, who is the sister of Priyanka, related to Chandrapal?
» Explain it
Only son of Neha’s father-in-law Chandrapal — Neha’s husband.
So, Omveer is Neha’s husband and Priyanka and Ruchi are his daughters.

Thus, Ruchi is the grand daughter of Chandraipal.

Hence, the option E is correct.
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Blood Relation: A person who is related to another by birth rather than by marriage.
Blood Relation is an important topic of the miscellaneous category of Reasoning Section of all completive exams. This topic shows the different relations among the members of a family. Based on the information given, we have to find relation between particular members of the family.
Questions based on Blood Relation are very common and frequently asked in major exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1, SBI Clerk, SBI PO, SSC 10+2, SSC CGL, MAT, LIC AAO, Railways, CLAT, etc. You should have a wide knowledge of the Blood Relation in order to solve the questions.
Here is list of some relations which can be helpful for you while solving questions based on Blood Relation.
Mother's or father's son: Brother
Mother's or father's daughter: Sister
Mother's or father's brother: Uncle
Mother’s or father's sister: Aunt
Mother’s or father's father: Grandfather
Mother's or father's mother: Grandmother
Son's wife: Daughter-in-Law
Daughter's husband: Son-in-Law
Husband s or wife's sister: Sister-in-Law
Husband's or wife's brother: Brother-in-Law
Brother's son: Nephew
Brother' daughter: Niece
Uncle or aunt's son or daughter: Cousin
Sister's husband: Brother-in-Law
Brother's wife: Sister-in-Law
Grandson's or Granddaughter’s daughter: Great grand daughter
Important Note:
I. Any relation of Mother’s side is called ‘Maternal’.
II. Any relation of Father’s side is called ‘Paternal’.
For example: Pointing towards a boy Veena said “He is the son of only son of my grandfather”. How is that boy related to Veena?
Solution: He is the son of only son of my grandfather – Veen’s Father’s son
Therefore, that boy is a Veena’s brother.
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