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Directions: Study the following set of questions carefully and answer the questions given below.

When Vina Patni, tops in her MBBS course, she becomes the 7th member of her family to join the Medical profession. All other family members namely Tanmay, Neerja, Monnish, Sanchit, Ruchika and Vinita are working at Sawai Man Singh Hospital as doctors and Vina who is the youngest of the third generation, is all set to join them. In this family of three generations, there are two pairs of couples and two pairs of brothers and sisters. There are three Oncologists, two Dentists, one Physician and one Neurologist in the family. No female in the family is an Oncologist. Vinita is not a Neurologist. No married person in the family is a Dentist. Tanmay is the son of Neerja while Sanchit is the son of Monnish and his wife is Vinita. Monnish is an Oncologist. Monnish and Vinita are the eldest couple in the family. Vina is the daughter of Sanchit while Ruchika is the sister-in-law of Neerja.
» Explain it
We can clearly observe from the family tree figure that Neerja is daughter-in-law of Vinita.


Hence, the option B is correct.

Who among the following persons is not an Oncologist?
» Explain it
We can clearly observe from the figure that Vinita is a physician.

Hence, Option D is correct.

Who among the following is a Physician?
» Explain it
We can clearly observe from the figure that Vinita is a physician.

Hence, the option C is correct.

» Explain it
Following the family tree, we can observe that Vinita is a hysician and not a dentist. 

Option A is hence the correct answer.


» Explain it
As per the family tree, we can say that Monnish is the grandfather of Tanmay. 

Option D is hence the correct answer.