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The common phrase ‘idioms and phrases’ refers to commonly used groups of words in English. Idioms are used in informal situations, whereas phrases may also be rather formal. Learning idioms and phrases is an important part of learning English as it is common to string phrases together rather than individual words. These idioms and phrases are used in specific situations and often used in an idiomatic, rather than a figurative sense.

Idioms are often full sentences. Phrases, however, are usually made up of a few words and are used as a grammatical unit in a sentence. Here are some examples of common idioms and phrases.

For example:

1. It is raining cats and dogs. (Idiom)

2. at the top of (prepositional phrase)

Idioms and Phrases is one of the most important topics of General English Section in all SSC and other competitive exams. This topic will help you to obtain good marks in every competitive exam.

You can boost your preparation for nest big exams such as, SSC CGL Tier 1, SSC CGL Tier 2, SSC Stenographer, SSC Multitasking, LLC LDC, SSC DEO, UPSC, LIC AAO, and all Railways exams.

As you all know that Idioms and Phrases type of questions are the most important part of all above exams. So at, we are providing some important new and repeated Idioms and Phrases which usually are likely to come in SSC and other exams.

Some important tips and tricks to memorize Idioms and Phrases:

1. Do not limit yourself to meanings alone, understand contexts: Try and understand in what context a particular idiom or phrase has been used. This will help you understand and remember the particular idiom or phrase better.

2. Keep a handy list for revising what you have learnt: Keep a diary to learn words on the go. This will not make learning a chore. In fact, these days you don’t even need to carry a diary. You can simply note down the idioms and their meanings in a notepad app on your smart-phone and revise it on the go.

3. Do not try to cram at once: Never try and learn too many idioms or phrase at the same time. However, learning them by grouping them into themes is quite a good idea.

4. Relate idioms and phrases to visual imagery: Try and relate idioms and phrases to images and link them to stories. Trust us, you will never forget them!

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