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Reasoning Puzzle Set No 21 Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions as follows.

Four persons participated with their cars in a car race. The colour and brand of each of the cars is different. Those colours are White, Black, Red and Brown and the brands are - Benz, Hyundai, Maruti and Toyota. The persons mentioned got four Prizes I, II, III and IV where I Prize is for the best performance in the race.

(i) The colour of Modi’s car is not Red.
(ii) Toyota, which is not white, got either first position or the last position in the Car race.
(iii) Amit’s car got one position ahead of Modi’s but one position below the black Car.
(iv) Arvind’s car was positioned just above Maruti, but was just below the white car.
(v) Arvind’s car is not Hyundai. Maruti, who is the friend of Arvind, was also one of the participants in the race.

  • 1.
    Whose car won the first Prize?
    A. Maruti B. Arvind
    C. Modi D. Amit
    E. None of these

  • 2.
    Who owns Maruti?
    A. Maruti B. Arvind
    C. Amit D. Modi
    E. None of these 

  • 3.
    Which of the following depicts the colour of Modi’s car?
    A. White B. Black
    C. Red D. Brown
    E. None of these

  • 4.
    Which of the following cars won the Second Prize?
    A. Hyundai B. Toyota
    C. Benz D. Maruti
    E. None of these

  • 5.
    Which of the following statements is true?
    A. Hyundai is owned by Amit. 
    B. The colour of Arvind’s car is Brown.
    C. Toyota is owned by Arvind.
    D. The colour of Maruti’s car is White.
    E. None of these 

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